Why Isn't My Caliburn Firing?

Published May 3rd 2022
In this article, we will troubleshoot the potential reasons the Caliburn vape device won't fire.

Why Isn't My Caliburn Firing?

The child lock might be active; press the fire button five times to turn it off. Ensure that the connector between the pod and the battery is clean and the Caliburn pod is securely fastened.

First of all, don’t panic. This is a very common problem that customers of Uwell Caliburn face, and it is simply because there are quite a few moving parts that need to work for the vape to fire, so listen closely, and we’ll tell you how to troubleshoot your Caliburn pen.

Just like how people always ask you first to turn your computer on and off again when troubleshooting your computer, you should always start from the most probable option with the lowest risk. Similarly, your Caliburn has a locking mechanism to prevent other people from vaping from your device, which may be protecting it from your kids or friends.

This can be turned on and off by clicking the fire buttons five times quickly. When you first get your Caliburn, the device is locked to prevent it from accidentally firing off during shipping, so this is something we advise all new or old customers to check before trying to fire. If it was locked, after pressing the fire button five times, you should see the LED button flash, indicating that it is unlocked.

Another easy way to check is to plug it into power. Whether it is the case that you haven’t charged your Caliburn in a while or if your wall plug was broken or twisted the last time you charged it, it's good to make sure that your device isn’t just simply out of battery.

There sometimes may be e-liquid at the bottom of your pod that is getting in the way of the connector. Make sure you clean with some tissue or an earbud if that’s the case.

Lastly, make sure that the connector between the Caliburn battery and the pod is clean; if it has e-liquid residue, use an earbud to clean it. Also, make sure that the pod is securely fastened to the battery.

How Do You Fix A Caliburn That Won't Fire?

If your device is locked, then simply unlock it. Clean the metal connectors of the device, and clean the bottom of your pod from any e-liquid residue.

If the coil has lost contact with the casing, you will notice the LED indicator blinking. Further, confirm that it blinks three times per cycle and is blue. In this case, you will have to change the pod altogether or slot in a new replacement coil. If the problems persist, clean your Caliburn thoroughly, using a cotton bud and cotton pad to clean away excess dust and e-liquid that might interfere with the device. You should do this to clean, especially for metal contact points and use your cotton bud to clear out the reservoir. Lastly, remove your pod and use a swab to clean the bottom.

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