Published January 26th 2023
We look at the OXVA XLIM V2 pod kit and its performance.


The OXVA XLIM V2 pod device is an impressive pod vape kit with its upgraded battery and pods. The XLIM V2 has become a fan favourite among people who use pod system vape kits because of the mesh coils, adjustable wattage and extensive battery life.


The OXVA XLIM V2 pod kit has valuable and unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Housed inside the XLIM V2 device is a 900mAh battery, a relatively large battery for a kit of this size. The XLIM V2 also has an adjustable wattage of 5-25W to suit all different vaping styles. The Xlim V2 also has an auto draw inhale technology which means this device can be vaped by just inhaling, and no buttons need to be pressed.

Ease Of Use

The OXVA XLIM V2 pod kit is a straightforward vape kit and is not complicated. The device itself only has one button, and this button is used to adjust numerous different settings;

  • 5Fiveclicks of the button will turn the device on/off.

  • Three clicks of the button will allow you to adjust the wattage. Once the light begins to flash, you can click the button once to move up 0.5W in power with each click.

  • Four clicks of the button will lock the fire button, but the device can still be vaped thanks to the auto-draw technology.

V2 Pods

OXVA have upgraded their XLIM pods for the new XLIM V2. The upgrade is significantly noticeable; the new V2 pods still have the same e-liquid capacity of 2ml, but they have a much better design for filling and anti-leak purposes. The other main difference is that the fill port on the V2 pods is now on the side rather than the top of the pod, which makes refilling easy.


The OXVA XLIM V2 vape kit is a great performing device with numerous valuable features. Beginning with the adjustable wattage technology on the XLIM V2, how you can adjust the wattage by 0.5W increments makes this device stand out from the crowd, as a majority of other pod devices will only have several power modes that do not allow you to choose a wattage.

How many puffs are in an XLIM pod?

when using the 0.8 Ohm XLIM pod in moderation, we got between 3200 and 3600 puffs out of our pod.

Average puff count

The number of puffs you get from a pod can vary depending on which ohm pod you decide to use in the OXVA XLIM pod device. If you are using a 0.8 Ohm pod at a high wattage, such as 20W, you can expect around 3500 puffs from a pod. Still, if you are using this at a lower wattage, you can expect to get a slightly higher number of puffs from the pod, which is the same for all available pods. Using them moderately, you can expect around 3500 puffs from each pod.

How to get more puffs from an XLIM pod?

If you want a slightly higher puff count from your pod when using the OXVA XLIM pod systems, then several valuable tips can help you achieve this. 

The first tip is to use the pod at a lower wattage level than usual; although this will affect the vaping experience you are used to, it will result in the pod being able to last longer. 

The second tip is to ensure that your XLIM pods are always topped up with vape juice and do not let the e-liquid run below the cotton holes you can see inside the pod, as this can result in burning out or experiencing dry hits.

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