How Much Is The Drag Nano 2?

Published January 24th 2023
This article looks at how much the Drag Nano 2 will set you back and the costs of the individual pods.

How Much Is The Drag Nano 2?

The Voopoo Drag Nano 2 pod kit is priced at £21.99, which is fantastic for such a small, robust, reliable vaping device.

Average Cost

The Voopoo Drag Nano 2 can cost anywhere between £20 and £29.99, but most retailers are selling this device for £21.99 on average. For this price, you get everything you need to begin vaping apart from the juice. You get the battery, 2x different pods (1x 0.8 Ohm pod & 1x 1.2 Ohm pod), a USB type C charging cable and a user manual which is everything you need to start vaping.

Cost Of Pods

The different pods for the Voopoo Drag Nano 2 are available to buy as individual pods or multipacks of 3. For a single pod, the average cost is roughly £3.20; for a multipack of 3, this should cost roughly around £8. Buying a multipack of 3 will be cheaper than buying individual Drag Nano 2 pods in the long run. The cost of these pods does not differentiate when choosing different Ohm resistances.

Cost To Run

When you finally have the Voopoo Drag Nano 2 up and running, the only things that will need to be replaced or changed will be the pods and the e-liquids. On average, a Drag Nano 2 pod will last a user between 1 week and two weeks of usage time before burning out and needing replacing. 

A multipack of 3 pods should roughly last a user around a month, which is £7.95 for a multipack of 3. The only other thing that you would need to spend money on is e-liquid. Still, the prices of e-liquids can vary from £1 for cheap, low-quality juices to £20+ for large bottles of high-quality juices, so this is down to personal preference. Still, for the Drag Nano 2, we recommend using 50/50 e-liquids to avoid any issues.


Averagely priced at around £21.99, the Voopoo Drag Nano 2 is incredibly great value for money as this device is both highly reliable and is also a fantastic performing kit that is capable of being both a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping device and also a restricted direct-to-lung (RDTL) vaping device, so the Drag Nano 2 is an ideal pod kit for anyone just getting into vaping as well as a beautiful, discreet alternative for experienced vapers.

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