Five Things You Should Know About JUUL

Published July 3rd 2021
Are you a smoker who wants to quit? Do you want to learn more about JUUL? Here are five important things to know about JUUL before buying one.

The JUUL is a type of e-cigarette that is small, sleek, and a popular choice for those seeking to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

Due to its simplicity, JUUL initially took the vaping industry by storm. Many JUUL users have been able to quit smoking and claim that the device helped them break the difficult addiction and get off of cigarettes.

In this blog post, we will discuss five things you should know about JUUL.

1. What is a JUUL?

A JUUL is a small, smokeless, and discreet electronic device that vapourises "e-liquid" into an aerosol that the user can then inhale.

The JUUL device is rechargeable and the only replaceable parts are the non-refillable e-liquid flavour vape pods that slot into the top of the device.

JUUL has no buttons and is draw-activated. This means that you simply need to inhale from the JUUL to activate it and then continue drawing on the JUUL until you're ready to inhale the vapour from your mouth to your lungs.

2. Why is it called a JUUL?

The term "JUUL" is derived from the name of the device's original manufacturer, PAX Labs. The company's flagship product was the Juul e-cigarette, so they renamed their entire company to JUUL once this new product gained popularity.

3. How much nicotine does JUUL contain?

In the UK, JUUL pods come in 18 mg/ml and 9 mg/ml nicotine strength. Both of these strengths contain 0.7 millimetres of e-liquid.

JUUL uses proprietary chemistry to create their e-liquid that combines glycerol, propylene glycol, flavour, nicotine and benzoic acid. The JUUL pods are also temperature regulated, which JUUL claims alongside their proprietary chemistry enables JUUL to deliver a vapour experience "like no other".

4. Is "Puff" or JUUL better?

Puff Bars are better than JUUL for most smokers due to the cost, convenience and flavours available.

A 4 pack of JUUL pods costs £10.99. With 0.7ml of e-liquid per pod, this gives you 2.8ml of e-liquid. Whereas, puff bars each contain 1.3ml of e-liquid and cost £10 for a pack of 3. This gives you a total of 3.9ml of e-liquid - almost 40% more. This price comparison does not even include the price of the actual JUUL device itself that currently retails for £9.99.

Unlike JUUL pods that must be replaced every time the pod runs out of e-liquid, Puff Bars are disposable vape devices that offer the convenience of being entirely disposed of once they run out. Many users find this much more convenient than constantly cleaning a device or maintaining it over a period of time.

Puff Bars are also available in a huge range of flavours - JUUL currently only offers Tobacco, Mint, Menthol, Mango and Berry flavour pods. Flavours are an important part of the journey of quitting smoking because they provide a pleasant experience that retains your interest in vaping rather than smoking traditional cigarettes.

5. Are there nicotine-free JUULs?

No. JUUL currently does not offer any nicotine-free options in their limited JUULpod range. The lowest nicotine option available in the UK for the JUULpod range is 9mg/ml.

In Conclusion

JUUL is a popular e-cigarette that offers an easy alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

However, it's important to be aware of both the cost and the nicotine content in JUUL pods before you make the switch from smoking regular cigarettes. Since there are no options for nicotine-free JUULs at this time, it may not be the ideal smoking cessation product for some people who want to stop using nicotine products altogether.

If you have any questions about what we've discussed today or need help deciding which vape product would be best for your needs, please don't hesitate to contact our team so that we can provide answers or advice. Alternatively, check out our Quit Smoking in 3 Simple Steps guide for more information on how to quit smoking and the best way to begin your journey.

Written by IndeJuice Editorial
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