Will A Vape Set Off A Metal Detector?

Published June 9th 2022
In this article, we discuss whether a vape device will set off a metal detector and what materials are inside disposables.

Will A Vape Set Off A Metal Detector?

Vape devices may contain metal and will set off a metal detector.

Vaping devices such as disposables come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. While most vape pens are made of metal, several models are made from plastic, ceramic, and glass.

Needless to say, a metal detector will be set off once it detects metal. If you do not want to go through the hassle and worry of getting stopped for your vape device, make sure to check the airport website to check the listed brands of vape pens that are authorised. These vape pens will be allowed in your carry-on with no further interrogation, though it will initially set off the metal detector's alarm. Just stay calm and approach the officers in charge with a justified explanation. Otherwise, you will be pulled to one side while waiting for the officers to finish their investigations and confirmations.

To cut short the time spent at the various security checkpoints, there are steps you can do before you even leave for the airport. Make sure that you’re not wearing any metallic. That includes watches, belts, and credit cards from your wallet. Your small items will have to be placed in a separate basket, but if you’re short on time, wear a fitting pair of pants and keep your watch and wallet in your carry-on!

Then, you can place the vape pen in your pocket before walking through the metal detector. The alarm will be set off but don’t worry too much. People often forget that extra piece of jewellery that they’re wearing anyway.

When the metal detector goes off, calmly explain to the officers that you’re carrying a vape pen. As long as you cooperate, everything else will run smoothly.

Do Disposable Vapes Have Metal In Them?

The short answer is yes; disposable vapes have metals in them. The coil is made from metal which is wrapped with cotton.

The outer casing and internal systemic mechanisms are likely to be made of metal. Even if the outer layer is made from plastic, the coils and magnets inside the e-device are likely to contain metal traces.

The internal circuits of a disposable vape also contain metal. The battery in a disposable vape device is made from lithium-ion. Lithium metal oxides contain metals such as nickel-cobalt, aluminium and manganese.

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