Can I Leave My Vape Pen In The Car?

Published June 8th 2022
Let's take a closer look at what happens when you leave your vape pen in your car in extreme temperatures.

Can I Leave My Vape Pen In The Car?

You can leave your vape pen in the car. However, your vape pen must not be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Although durable, vape pens like disposables cannot just be left around to fend for themselves in certain extreme situations. Having a vape or electronic cigarette is akin to having any other investment — it has to be taken care of for it to work correctly. Leaving your vape in harsh weather is among the few deplorable and reckless things you can do to spoil it. To put it another way, electronic cigarettes should not be abandoned in hot vehicles during blizzards or rainstorms!

Severe temperature and climate conditions are the most dangerous for vape batteries. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are typically used in vapes, e-cigarettes, personal computers, and smaller portable electronic devices.

You should never abandon your vape in an overheated vehicle. Even though it might just be 18 degrees Celcius outdoors, your car's temperature can easily reach 25 degrees Celcius. You'll also want to steer clear of going to the other extreme and keeping your vape in your car or anyplace outside during frigid temperatures. In addition, because moisture is also a big concern, the best location to store your equipment is definitely not in the shower, in a steam room or out in the rain.

Your vape device may respond in several ways if subjected to the harsh climate conditions listed for an extended period. Heat may damage a range of elements within a vape, such as a tank's plastic pieces. Excessively heated vapes have been reported to burst into flames or combust in extreme circumstances. However, the most common instances include bending, melting, expanding, boiling, or just non-functioning vapes. It isn't advisable to leave your vape in a hot spot as the vape juice will also be ruined. The juice's flavour, consistency, and intensity will all be changed if it is subjected to high temperatures and direct light. Warmth and sunshine accelerate the oxidisation process of the particles within, causing them to fragment quickly and not reassemble even when restored to lower temperatures. As a result, the juice will become relatively thin, making it easy to leak and bland.

With frigid conditions, the most severe effect of keeping your gadget in the cold is that it may harm the battery, causing it to lose its ability to retain a charge. So, you might spend a lot of money on a beautiful, advanced battery, but if you leave it outside in the cold, it will be useless. Extreme cold reduces the battery's overall lifetime.

With high moisture environments, problems will arise with the battery. Technically, the vape could still operate if you expose it to rainfall or similar damp conditions. On the other hand, the battery will probably fail or have its life dramatically cut short. Furthermore, replacing batteries can be extremely costly!

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