What Is The Best PG VG Mix For E Juice?

Published August 2nd 2022
This article will tell you the best PG VG eliquid mixtures for your vape.

What Is The Best PG VG Mix For E Juice?

Depending on your desired vaping experience, you can easily find juices available from 50VG/50PG, which suits those wanting to experience a closer vape to smoking, to as high as 90VG/10PG for those wanting big clouds.

The most common ratio of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol you will see being used in e juice is 50/50. This is most common for people who are looking for an easy, no-frills vaping experience. With its similarities to the sensation of smoking a cigarette, it is a great alternative for people wanting to quit.

With a 50/50 ratio, you can expect a good flavour and a good nicotine deliverance. You should feel a slight throat hit which ex-smokers will find familiar. The cloud production will be on the lower end, suited for those who prefer to be more discrete. You can also use this e-liquid, which is out of the issue with any standard vaping device.

Using a Nicotine salt e-liquid, which has a 50/50 ratio, is also a great option for those who are moving on from smoking but still crave the nicotine and feel of a cigarette.

Here are some of the highest-rated nic-salt e-liquids available in 10ml bottles.

  • Cool Crush - Doozy
  • Blue Raspberry - IVG
  • Rainbow Fruits - Vape Spot
  • Ice Menthol - ONE

For those known as cloud chasers, 50/50 will produce too little vapour. Increasing the VG percentage will up the vapour production and produce a bigger cloud. You're able to get a ratio from 60VG/40PG to 90VG/10PG; the higher the VG ratio, the bigger the cloud production.

Bare in mind that using a higher VG ratio e-liquid requires a low resistance coil and a more powerful than the standard vaping device. The reasoning behind this is because Vegetable glycerine has a much thicker consistency than Propylene glycol, meaning that a higher VG percentage needs more power to heat the juice to create vapour. If you were to use a high Vg juice on a standard vape device, you risk burning out the coil.

For those looking for the ultimate cloud and own a high wattage device with a low resistance coil, 90VG/10PG will give you the vapour production required.

Here are some of the top-rated e-liquid great for cloud chasers.

  • Everest 70/30 - Polar Fruit
  • Dark Fruit Shlush 70/30 - Shlush
  • Heizen 80/20 - EDGE
  • Pink Lemonade 80/20 - TMB Notes

This option isn't as recommended for people who are taking up vaping as an aid to quit smoking, as VG doesn't have the same ability to carry nicotine as well as PG due to the thickness of the liquid. You'll often find liquid with a higher VG ratio will have a low nicotine strength, even containing no amount of nicotine.

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