Can You Just Vape Nicotine Shots?

Published August 8th 2022
This blog will provide you with advice when it comes to using a nicotine shot.

Can You Just Vape Nicotine Shots?

It is possible to vape just nicotine shots alone, but this is not recommended as vaping just nicotine shots alone has no logical purpose. They are designed to be added to vape juice to add nicotine, they are unflavored, but they do naturally hold a slightly bitter, peppery taste, which would not be enjoyable; apart from the bad taste, vaping nicotine shots alone would be extremely harsh on the throat and almost unbearable.

Although it is possible to vape nicotine shots alone, it would not be a great idea as this would provide nothing but a harsh, almost burning sensation on the back of the throat and a peppery flavour that can be pretty bitter.

Nicotine shots are usually a Vegetable Glycerin (VG) based liquid, meaning it has a very thick viscosity. If you tried to vape a nicotine shot that is made up of mostly VG in the wrong style of device, like a smaller pen-style device, for example, then this would not only give off a more intense harsh sensation and bad flavour but also hold the risk of burning out the coil inside of the vape very quickly due to it not being powerful enough to vaporise the thick juice.

Nicotine shots are commonly found in the strength of 18mg, and you will struggle to find different strengths of this liquid unless you were to swap normal nicotine shots for Nic Salt shots which can make your short-fill bottle of vape juice up to strengths such as 10mg and 20mg. Realistically, nicotine shots should only be used with the intention of adding nicotine to a 0mg short-fill bottle of vape juice.

Can You Vape Nic Salt Shots?

It is possible to vape Nic salt shots alone, but doing this is not recommended as it would not be enjoyable and potentially cause an unwanted nicotine rush.

Vaping nic salt shots alone would provide nothing but an extremely harsh sensation to the back of the throat and produce an unpleasant, bitter, peppery-like flavour. Nic Salt shots are the same as normal nicotine shots other than having higher nicotine concentrates and the addition of benzoic acid or citric acid.

Nic Salt shots are used when a user would like to add a higher strength of nicotine to their short-fill bottle of vape juice, like 10mg and 20mg, for example.

Although nic salt liquids are much smoother to vape than normal freebase liquids, you may think that they may be more pleasant to vape in comparison to normal nic shots. But just like original nic shots, the nic salt shots will provide a very harsh and uncomfortable sensation on the back of the throat and carry the same bitter, peppery taste found in normal nic shots.

Nic Salt shots carry strengths such as 10mg and 20mg, which is relatively high, so vaping alone is not recommended and should only be used to add nicotine to a vape juice that contains no nicotine inside at all.

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