Can You Get Sick From Vape Juice?

Published July 28th 2022
Here's everything you need to know about feeling sick from using vape juice incorrectly.

Can You Get Sick From Vape Juice?

Yes, as vape juice contains substances such as nicotine, it has the potential to make you feel sick if vaped in high doses.

If vape juice is swallowed or absorbed into the skin, it can make you feel sick as nicotine is present in very high doses.

Another factor to consider is the eliquid expiry date. Although vape juice can still be acceptable for a short period after expiry, vaping is not recommended if you suspect it is bad.

Is Vape Juice Poisonous?

If vape juice is swallowed in large quantities and thus not being used for its intended use, then it can hold the risk of being poisonous due to the nicotine housed within the e-liquid. It is best to keep it out of reach of children and pets to ensure extra precaution.

Some of the base ingredients that make up vape juice can be poisonous if swallowed or absorbed into the skin. For example, suppose you were to swallow a significant amount of nicotine; you could potentially experience issues such as burning the mouth or throat, abdominal pain and vomiting as nicotine is generally classed as a potent, poisonous substance if swallowed or absorbed in the skin.

Nicotine oxidation is an entirely natural process of e-liquid that can not be stopped completely. It occurs when the atoms of the nicotine molecule come in contact with the oxygen. Once you have begun using a flavour, you will notice its colour will change slightly. You have nothing to worry about.

How you store your vape juice can also become a potential risk of the juice becoming poisonous. It is always recommended to store your vape juice in a cool, dry place. Suppose your vape juice is not kept in a cool, dry place. In that case, you will face the risk of oxidisation, where the oxygen in the air enters the juice bottle and will start to turn the juice a darker colour and may start to deteriorate.

Lastly, vape juice should only be used in a vaping device, but some people have been unfortunate to swallow/drink vape juice or come into direct contact with it on their skin. If ingested, vape juice can make you feel sickly due to the nicotine used to make up the vape juice.

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