Can I Put Vape Juice On My Tongue?

Published July 28th 2022
Everything you need to know about tasting e-liquid by putting it on your tongue.

Can I Put Vape Juice On My Tongue?

Putting a small amount of vape juice onto your tongue may leave you with an unpleasant taste and may cause harm. It is never a good idea to ingest e-liquid in any way apart from the way it is intended; this is through vapour produced by a vape device.

If you were to put a small amount of eliquid on your tongue, you would not find yourself at any immediate risk; in a small amount, it remains relatively harmless. The ingredients that makeup vape juice are mostly food grade, except nicotine.

Nicotine in high amounts digested or absorbed directly through the skin can be toxic. It is never recommended to try and consume nicotine in any other way apart from the correct way it is intended. Nicotine should only be consumed via vapour or smoke.

Can You Eat Vape Juice?

No, do not attempt to eat e-liquid; it is only to be used in the form of inhaling from a vape. Evidence suggests that the nicotine found in vape juice can be toxic by ingestion.

It is never a good idea to attempt to eat any vape liquid; just like you would never eat a cigarette, the nicotine within them can be highly toxic and make you feel ill. If you take the nicotine out of the e-liquid, you will be left with mainly food-grade products; this is still not safe to ingest. You should only ever use e-juice for the intended purposes.

If you have eaten your e-liquid, It is essential to look out for symptoms such as;

  • Feeling nauseous
  • Stomachache
  • Heavy breathing
  • Fast heartbeat
  • High blood pressure
  • Dizziness

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you should immediately seek medical help.

Is It Safe To Put Vape Juice In Your Mouth?

No, putting e-liquid in your mouth is unsafe. It is never recommended to use vape juice for any reason apart from its intended purposes.

If you accidentally acquire e-liquid in your mouth, do not panic. It is extremely rare for a small amount of juice to do any harm unless you have an allergic reaction to any components.

This is still not recommended; you receive zero benefits from doing so. Understandably, some flavours are persevered as appearing edible. They will not taste the same when heated into vapour as placed directly into your mouth. In fact, you'll experience quite an unpleasant taste.

Most e-liquids contain nicotine. Nicotine is a highly toxic substance. Putting a large amount of e-liquid in your mouth may leave you vulnerable to nicotine poisoning. This is an extremely serious issue and needs to be treated by medical professionals.

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