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When Should I Change My Vape Tank?

Published 28 April 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

When Should I Change My Vape Tank?

When Should I Change My Vape Tank?

The best time to change your vape tank is when your tank is no longer performing the way it originally was, no matter what you try to do. When a vape tank has been used for a significant amount of time, the performance will slowly deteriorate, which can be down to several things.

If you use your vape tank regularly, you may notice that it feels sluggish, but a thorough clean may help your tank. If you are not keeping your vape tank in ideal storage capacity, this can also cause the vape tank to start deteriorating. For example, if your vape tank is in your pocket, which contains fluff and junk, this could get stuck inside the tank and build up residue, which over time can cause the tank to lack in performance, but once again, giving this a thorough clean may solve the issue.

Do Vape Tanks Need To Be Replaced?

Vape tanks do not need to be replaced unless there is a lack in performance due to the tank, the tank itself is broken, you can no longer find spare parts or coils for the tank, your tank is no longer performing the way it once was or if you feel the need for an upgrade.

The most common reason for replacing a vape tank will be either because the vape tank is broken or damaged or if you can no longer find spare parts and coils for the tan. This usually only happens with outdated tanks that do not meet TPD regulations.

Do you need to clean vape tanks?

Yes, it would be best to clean your vape tank to ensure it can and will perform to the best of its ability. It is highly recommended to clean your vape tank at least once a week if it is being used regularly; this is due to a build-up of residue from the liquid that can get stuck in the tank and cause the vape tank to produce insufficient vapour.

If the tank is stored somewhere like a pocket or a bag that may have small bits of fluff or dust, this can also cause the tank to get clogged up and once again affect its performance of the tank. If you notice that you have to open up your airflow more than usual or even inhale harder than usual, these are just two signs that your tank could need cleaning.

If your tank needs cleaning, it is recommended to soak it in hot water for a few minutes, remove the tank, and ensure all excess liquid has been removed. Use a cotton earbud to help with this, and as soon as the tank is thoroughly dry, you can fill it up and continue to vape.

When should you change your vape tank?

You should change your vape tank when it no longer performs the way you want it to or if it has broken.

If the vape tank has been dropped and the 510 connector that screws into a battery has been bent or damaged, then there is a high chance that this tank will no longer work as it can not make a proper connection with the battery. In other cases, you may find that the tank has built up a residue of old vape juice and pocket fluff, which can get lodged inside the tank and start to affect the tank's performance, but in most cases, giving the tank a thorough clean can fix this.

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