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Is The Nord 4 Water Proof?

Published 13 February 2023, Updated 9 April 2024

Is The Nord 4 Water Proof?

Is The Nord 4 Water Proof?

The SMOK Nord 4 pod system has some extremely clever features that make it one of the most reliable devices today, such as waterproofing, shockproofing, and dustproofing.

The Nord 4, one of SMOK's latest vaping devices to be released, has some significant upgrades compared to the previous Nord vape kits that have been released. With the new and upgraded Nord 4 device, you will find clever features that help make vaping a hassle-free task and require much less maintenance to keep it up and running the way you desire.


  • Waterproof - The SMOK Nord 4 takes pride in its revolutionary waterproof technology, meaning that if you somehow manage to get the Nord 4 vape kit slightly wet, it would not damage the device and should not affect the Nord 4's performance either.

  • Shockproof - The Nord 4 features shockproof technology, meaning that if you manage to drop your Nord 4 device somehow or knock it against something hard, there are features to help protect the device and keep it performing to the best it can, but please note that if the impact is too much for the device, this could result in damages.

  • Dustproof - The SMOK Nord 4 is a dustproof device. The device will be protected from any damages or faults caused by dust entering the device if you are regularly in a dusty environment.

Does The Smok Nord 4 Leak?

After using the SMOK Nord 4 for a significant amount of time and removing the pod, we can see no signs of leakages at the top of the device but only a small amount of condensation.

When designing the Nord 4 vape kit, SMOK did everything possible to fix any slight issues or complaints with the previous Nord devices, such as leaking, short battery life and refilling. The SMOK Nord 4 now features a larger battery for more extended usage, a choice of different pods that can easily be refilled and also clever anti-leak technology to avoid the inconvenience of finding a puddle of e-liquid on top of your device.

Reasons For Leaking?

If you find that your SMOK Nord 4 device has leaked slightly, there are several reasons why this could be, and we shall explain these now.

  • Burnt coil: If you have checked your Nord 4 pod and can see no damage at all, but you still find that the pod is leaking, this is more than likely due to the coil being burnt out and will now struggle to stay saturated in e-liquid, resulting in slight leaking.

  • Damaged/Cracked pod: If you notice that your pod is leaking every time you remove it from the device, it is recommended that you check the pod itself for any damages, such as cracks, splits, or holes. If you find that your pod is damaged in any way, we would recommend that you dispose of this pod and replace it with a new one.

For more information, check out our guide on how many Nord 4 coils are there.

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