When Should I Replace My XLIM Pod?

Published January 26th 2023
This article discusses how long Xlim Pods last and the signs you should look out for when they need replacing.

When Should I Replace My XLIM Pod?

The OXVA XLIM pods will averagely last anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks. The main indications your pod will need replacing are experiencing a burnt taste when inhaling or noticing that the coil inside the pod is struggling to vaporise the e-liquid properly.


The OXVA XLIM pod kits have been cleverly designed so that all the pod devices are compatible with all the current available pods that fit the XLIM range. The pods currently available for the OXVA XLIM devices are a 0.6 Ohm mesh pod, a 0.8 Ohm mesh pod and a 1.2 Ohm mesh pod. The average life of one of these pods is between 1 to 2 weeks, depending on how often and frequently you vape.

Signs that your pod needs replacing

  • Burnt taste: After vaping the OXVA XLIM pod device for a significant amount of time, usually around the 1-2 week mark, you will eventually notice that when inhaling, you are experiencing a burnt taste. This is because the pod's coil is burnt and needs replacing.

  • Leaking: If you are vaping the OXVA XLIM pod kit and notice that your pod has begun to leak on the side of the pod, from the fill port or in the top of the battery, this could be a sign that your pod is burning out and is struggling to hold the e-liquid in the coil, if you experience this you can try cleaning the pod for a quick fix, but if it continues to leak then it will need replacing.

  • Cracked/damaged pod: If you notice that your XLIM pod is leaking uncontrollably, but you are confident that the pod is nowhere near being burnt out yet, then this could be due to the pod being damaged or cracked; if the pod does have any signs of damage then you will need to replace this.

  • Rubber bung: On the side of the OXVA XLIM pods, you will find a rubber bung that protects the fill port, you need to remove this when filling up the pod but be aware that if this is not inserted back properly after refilling, this can cause leaking.

Getting more life from your pod

Although the OXVA XLIM pods have an average life span of around 1 to 2 weeks, several tips help make this last a little longer. First, ensure that you use the correct type of vape juice in the pod. In these pods, 50/50 e-liquids such as nic salts are recommended. The second tip is to make sure you are vaping in moderation. If you are vaping the XLIM pod kit excessively and frequently, the pods may overheat and will result in burning out faster than usual.

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