Geek Bar Vape Launches 4 New Disposable Flavours

Published August 9th 2021
The leading manufacturer of disposable vapes and e-cigarette accessories has released four new flavours. Get the details in this blog post!

Geek Bar, the leading manufacturer of disposable vapes and e-cigarette accessories, is proud to announce its newest line of flavours.

With its focus on stylish, high-tech products loved by both users and critics alike, Geek Vape has kept up with the growing community of vapers and made Geek Bar one of its most requested products.

"The disposable vape is a fantastic invention that has revolutionised vaping around the world," says George Muharib, Head of Geek Vape Acquisition at IndeJuice. "At just £5.99 a piece, they are the perfect blend of affordability and convenience. We're very excited about expanding the product line with four new flavours."

The new flavours are currently available at select vaping shops and online retailers.

Blackcurrant Menthol

Geek Bar Blackcurrant Menthol Disposable

Energising and cool, Geek Bar Blackcurrant Menthol is the perfect companion for any traditional menthol smoker out there. This flavour provides an invigorating fruitiness that's sure to give you a burst of energy while its minty taste soothes your throat with cooling relief.

Blueberry Bubble Gum

Geek Bar Blueberry Bubble Gum Disposable

Geek Bar Blueberry Bubble Gum is a fun and creative combination of sweet, tangy blueberries with chewy bubblegum undertones throughout. The perfect mix for any occasion.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Geek Bar Blueberry Sour Raspberry Disposable

Geek Bar Blueberry Sour Raspberry is a delicious blend of blueberries and raspberries. The sweet, tangy notes are perfect for any time of the day!

Geek Berg

Geek Bar Geek Berg Disposable

Geek Bar Geek Berg is a perfect blend of Mixed Berries paired with the ice-cold Menthol, making it an excellent vape for those hot summer days.

With new product releases and flavours coming in the future, Geek Vape will remain on top of its game and continue providing high-quality products for all of its loyal customers.

Written by IndeJuice Editorial
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