Discreet Vape UK Shipping at IndeJuice

Published August 19th 2022
Learn more about discrete vape UK delivery at IndeJuice and why we choose discreet packaging for all our customer orders.

Discreet Vape Shipping

At IndeJuice, we understand that our customers prefer to maintain discretion when purchasing from our website or online vape store. As such, not only do we supply the best discreet vapes, mini vape kits, small vape pen items and other discreet electronic cigarettes, but we also ship all items in extremely discreet packaging with no reference to the contents inside.

All IndeJuice vape UK orders are shipped in discreet packaging as standard. It's as simple as that. You do not need to "opt-in" or select any options at checkout.

Below is a closer look at our discreet packaging and what you can expect to receive when you place an order with IndeJuice. You will receive one of the following depending on your order size:

Our Discreet Vapes Packaging 1: Large Plain Cardboard Brown Box

vape uk discreet packaging box 1 image

Our larger plain brown box is used for bulkier orders. This may include large bottle e-liquid orders or a larger vape kit.

Our Discreet Vapes Packaging 2: Smaller Brown Cardboard Envelope

vape uk discreet packaging box 2 image

Our smaller plain brown envelope style packaging is mainly used for disposable vapes and smaller 10ml bottles of e-liquid.

Not all users worry about stealth vaping or being discreet and hidden with their vapes. But as quitting smoking and switching to vaping can be a sensitive topic for many, we do our best to ensure peace of mind for all when shopping at IndeJuice.

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