Can I Vape At 16 In The UK?

Published September 1st 2022
In this article, we discuss if you can vape at 16 in the UK and the rules and regulations regarding vaping at particular ages.
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Can I Vape At 16 In The UK?

You must be over the age of 18 to use and purchase e-cigarettes or any other vaping products in the UK.

You cannot vape if you're 16 in the UK. The legal vaping age is 18. You must show valid photo identification if you want to purchase a vape in-store or online.

These rules were put into place by the UK government in 2015 and follow the same laws regarding smoking.

Stores are forbidden from selling vaping equipment to anyone under 18. This includes vape kits, disposable vapes, e-liquids, and nicotine-free vape juice.

What Age Is It Legal To Vape?

The Legal age to vape in the UK is 18, and you cannot purchase vaping products if you are not over 18. However, these rules vary worldwide.

Countries around the world have different rules and regulations, which the countries' governments set to prevent underage vaping. Most vaping laws are similar or the same as the laws on smoking.

Most of Europe has similar vaping laws when it comes to age. The use of electronic cigarettes and vaping products are to be only purchased if you are over 18. 

The legal age to vape in America is 21, a federal law. However, there are some states in which you can vape at 19.

In Australia, the sale and use of vaping products are prohibited unless a doctor prescribes it, and the legal age is 18.

There are countries around the world which have banned it altogether. These countries include Singapore, Qatar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Argentina, India, plus more.

Can You Own A Vape At 15? 

It is illegal to sell vaping products to anyone under the age of 18. You cannot own a vape at 15.

There are laws around the world preventing you from purchasing vaping products. These include vape liquid, vape kits and other accessories tied to vaping. Whether you buy them in stores or online, you will be subjected to showing your ID through a physical ID card or an age verification process run by a third-party system.

You cannot buy vaping equipment if you are 15; these laws are in place by governments. Vaping laws are similar and, in most cases, the same when trying to purchase tobacco products.

Can A 13 Year Old Vape Without Nicotine UK?

A 13-year-old cannot use or purchase a vape without nicotine. The legal vaping age in the UK is 18, with or without nicotine.

To purchase e-cigarettes and vaping liquids, you must be 18. Although you can buy vaping products without nicotine (zero-free nicotine), the highly addictive substance in vapes, it is still illegal to purchase and use vaping products under the age of 18.

Vaping laws are set by the government in the UK and are the same as smoking laws. You will require a photo ID in stores and go through online verification processes online.

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