Will Vape Juice Stain My Clothes?

Published August 26th 2022
You've got some e-liquid on your clothes and are worried about it staining? Let's look into what to do next.
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Will Vape Juice Stain My Clothes?

Vape juice can leave you with temporary stains; it should not permanently stain your clothes.

Spilling vape juice on your freshly washed shirt or brand new white t-shirt is annoying, and most vapers have experienced it; however, it will only stain temporarily, so do not panic as we have all been there.

You need to apply some techniques to your vape juice stains. Those vape juice flavors that do not contain resin can be removed relatively easily run a cloth under warm water and dab at the stain gently.

Take care and do not rub at the stain in a circular motion or dab the stain too aggressively, as this will increase the surface of your stain or seep your vape juice further into your clothes.

When this is done, run your clothes underwater. Leave dry to see if the stain has disappeared; if not, repeat this step. If your vape juice stain is still visible, pour some dish detergent on a cloth, dab the stain, and rinse it off your clothes.

Will E-Liquid Stain Anything?

While we have established that e-liquids typically do not leave stains, lasting or otherwise, some vape juices actually carry a resin that may leave stains on clothes or even your teeth.

These resemble the stains you would see from wine and coffee, which, as we all know, create stains that are much harder to remove.

Some might be concerned that vaping stains your teeth and skin. Maybe you've seen chain smokers and tar-stained teeth, but the good news is that most vapes are tar-free — some don't even carry nicotine.

As a vaper, your hands won't come into contact with vape liquids as smokers touch their cigarettes. There is no need to worry that your e-liquids will leave stains on your teeth like traditional cigarettes.

How Do You Clean Vape Juice Off Your Hands?

Use warm water to clean any vape juice from your hand, arms or legs. Do not rub the vape juice in, as this could aggravate the skin.

Fret not. There isn't going to be a big issue if you've let a few drops fall onto your hands. In fact, you're going to be just fine. There are a few steps to take when you let the vapours come into contact with bare skin.

The first thing you have to do is to assess the situation. If only a few drops come into contact with your skin, find the nearest tap to rinse it off with warm water.

However, if you've accidentally poured the whole bottle out, you need to check your surroundings and create a game plan to keep yourself and others safe. Check if anyone else — especially young children or any beloved household pets — has been affected by the spill; make sure they're also washed off.

Do remember to do this clean-up with warm water and do so strategically — much like how we dab at stains, not rub at them in circles, and do not rub at the area of spillage, as this could cause further irritation to your skin.

Seek medical attention if you have come into contact with e-liquid and are experiencing adverse reactions.

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