How Do You Add Nicotine To 0mg Juice?

Published August 9th 2022
Wondering how to add your nic shots? Here is some practical advice to help you add nicotine to your 0mg e-liquid.

How Do You Add Nicotine To 0mg Juice?

To add a nicotine shot to a vape juice, you will firstly need to remove both of the screw-on caps from the vape juice and the nic shot bottles; you will then need to remove or open the pouring nozzle on top of the vape juice (the pointy chimney on top of juice bottles) and then add your desired amount of nic shots inside the vape juice.

Make sure you put all the nozzles and caps back on, shake the liquid very well, and leave it to sit there for a few minutes to guarantee it has mixed entirely and adequately. After a few minutes, you will be able to fill up your device with juice and enjoy.

Nic shots are generally used with short fill bottles of vape juice which commonly come in sizes of 50ml and 100ml with up to an extra 20ml of free space to add nicotine shots; most juices will leave enough space for you to add between 2 and 4 10ml bottles of nic shots, but this depends on the size of the juice bottle you will be adding the nic shot too.

how to add nicotine in 3 easy steps

If you have a 50ml bottle of vape juice containing 0mg of nicotine and you added 1x 18mg nicotine shot, this will result in the vape juice becoming 3mg in strength, the same way as if you add 2x 18mg nicotine shots to 50ml of 0mg vape juice; you will achieve making this juice a 6mg in strength but bear in mind that most vapes juices will only have space to add up to 2 nicotine shots.

This math works the same for larger bottles, but you will have to consider the extra volume of vape juice; for example, if you have a 100ml bottle with no nicotine and added 1x 18mg nicotine shot, this would then become a 1.5mg nicotine strength juice. If you were to add 2x 18mg nicotine shots, this would result in a 3mg vape juice.

The size of the juice bottle makes all the difference when adding nicotine; for example, if you purchased a 50ml bottle of 0mg liquid and added just 1x nicotine shot, this would result in the juice being 3mg in strength. If you were to add 2x nic shots, it would then be a 6mg, and the maths is the same when adding more nic shots, but, commonly, most 50ml vape juices will only leave a spare 10ml or 20ml of room for nicotine shots to be added.

This method of adding nicotine shots to a vape juice is the same as if you are adding a nicotine salt shot; the only difference between these is that nicotine salt shots have the extra addition of benzoic acid or citric acid so that it can absorb into the bloodstream much faster than regular nicotine and is more suited for heavy smokers or users that use higher nicotine strengths.

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