What Colour Are Elux Bar Flavours?

Published May 13th 2022
This article looks at what colours the Elux Bar flavours are to help you organise your disposable vape collection!

What Colour Are Elux Bar Flavours

Elux disposable vapes come in a wide variety of colours and this correlates to which flavour you have purchased. The Sour Apple Elux device will come in a dark green colourway.

The Elux disposable vapes have a large variety of different flavours ranging from fruity flavours, menthol flavours and even soft drinks flavours. The colour of the device does not always match what flavour is in the device, For example, if you were to purchase a Pink Lemonade flavoured Elux, this comes in a white and yellow colourway as most people would expect it to be a shade of pink but this is only with a handful of the flavours that are on offer.

The Elux range is one of the most popular devices on the market and this is down to its wide variety of flavours and its reliability, here is a list of the available flavours you can purchase and the colourway that these flavours come in.

Jungle Juice, which is a tropical flavour that has a pineapple and coconut flavour to it, similar to a pina colada, this flavour comes in a green and white colourway.

Blueberry Raspberry comes in a plain black colourway.

Sour Apple comes in a dark green colourway.

Apple Peach Pear has a pink and green colourway.

Blueberry Pomegranate is a violet coloured device.

White Peach Razz comes in a plain white design.

Peach Mango has an orange colourway.

Fuji Melon also has an orange colourway but this is a slightly darker shade of orange so that you differentiate between the similar colours.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry which is one of their most popular flavours has an indigo colourway.

Strawberry Kiwi comes in a pink and blue colourway whilst Grape comes as a lilac coloured device.

Blackcurrant Menthol comes in a purple colourway.

Watermelon Ice which is hugely popular in the Elux range comes as a mint green coloured device.

Fresh Mint comes in a green colourway.

Mr Blue which is a flavour similar to Heisenberg, this is a mixture of Raspberry, Blueberry and Blackberry, which is complemented with a cool menthol hit, this flavour comes in a blue colourway.

Red Apple Ice comes as a red and white coloured device.

Mango Ice comes in a pale green colourway and this is not to be confused with the Sour Apple flavour that is also available.

Blueberry Bubble gum has a light blue colourway.

Cotton Candy has a blue and white coloured design.

Peach Blueberry Candy comes in a light peach colourway.

Strawberry Ice Cream, another one of Elux's best sellers comes in a pink colourway.

Banana Pudding comes in a yellow colourway.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum comes as a magenta coloured device, which isn't to be confused with the Strawberry Ice Cream.

Unicorn shake which is a blend of Berry Candy.

Strawberry and Banana has a coral colourway.

Tiger Blood which is a flavour similar to an energy drink comes in a fuchsia colourway.

Vimto which is a replicated flavour of the popular soft drink comes as a dark blue coloured device and last but not least, Strawberry Energy comes in a pink and white colourway.

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