Can Non-Nicotine Vapes Relax You?

Published April 11th 2023
Is nicotine required to achieve a relaxing sensation from vaping? Read on to learn more!

Can non nicotine vape relax you like nicotine vapes? First, let’s discuss whether nicotine can relax you!

Many people claim that nicotine relaxes them, reducing signs of anxiety and stress. We’re here to tell you nicotine doesn’t necessarily have beneficial properties conducive to calming the body. Instead, nicotine satisfies the body’s cravings for more nicotine.

As many know, nicotine is a highly addictive chemical that can have severe adverse health effects the longer and more frequently nicotine is consumed. This can also make quitting harder. That’s where non-nicotine vape can be beneficial!

In this article, we’ll discuss how non-nicotine can be more beneficial to you than a nicotine-based vape and how it can relax you. Before we get into that, though, let’s set the stage for what’s to come with a quick breakdown on how nicotine works in your body.

Why Does Nicotine Relax You?

As you already know, nicotine is a highly addictive chemical derived from tobacco plants. When nicotine is ingested, it stimulates the production and release of dopamine. This is the “feel good” hormone and neurotransmitter responsible for numerous bodily functions, but most notoriously known as the body's reward system.

Nicotine relaxes you due to its addictive manipulations that cause the release of dopamine, which can encourage a relaxing effect. The anxiety or stress that a person may feel before ingesting nicotine is often induced by nicotine cravings, which are appeased by consuming nicotine. This is another reason some may feel “relaxed” after using nicotine.

Why Use Non-Nicotine Vapes?

For those wondering, is there a vape with no nicotine, yes - and they’re becoming increasingly popular. Why? Simple - non-nicotine vapes can be beneficial in weaning off addictive nicotine.

These vapes can help anyone addicted to tobacco products who wish to quit and save themselves from the harsh health damages caused by nicotine ingestion. Non-nicotine vapes aren’t just used to help cut back on nicotine use though - they can also prevent nicotine addiction in the first place, another helpful benefit of using a non-nicotine vape.

On our blog, we answer a common question - is no nicotine vaping safe? Read through for an honest and in-depth answer on whether this product benefits you in the long run. For now, let’s get to the real reason you came here today though - can non-nicotine vapes actually relax you in the same way a traditional vape would?

Can Non-Nicotine Vapes Relax You, Though?

So, can non nicotine vape relax you? Just as nicotine doesn’t actually calm the body, neither does a non-nicotine vape. With that said, there are ways that non-nicotine vape can be helpful. From weaning off nicotine to quitting once and for all, let’s dive in below!

How Can a Non-Nicotine Vape Relax You?

Just like nicotine use isn’t proven to relax the body, only shown to release dopamine that exudes those “feel good” hormones throughout the body, the same goes for non-nicotine vaping. No scientific evidence suggests that nicotine or non-nicotine vaping can promote relaxation.

As discussed previously, the “calming effect” a person may feel when ingesting nicotine is often just relief from the nicotine cravings that cause withdrawal symptoms, such as mood swings, restlessness, and concentration issues. Using a non-nicotine vape can act as a placebo effect, tricking the body into believing it's receiving what it wants most - more nicotine.

That is why using a non-nicotine vape can be helpful during the nicotine-quitting process. It can help trick the body into thinking it is still ingesting nicotine when it’s not.

Other Benefits of Nicotine-Free Vapes

Nicotine-free vapes do not contain nicotine, so they are not addictive. For individuals looking to wean off nicotine, this tool can be great for taking a break from nicotine use. Or for anyone who has friends that vape and are interested in trying it themselves without getting addicted to nicotine, a non-nicotine vape can be a better alternative.

There are loads of fun flavor options for nicotine-free vapes that satisfy your sweet tooth or cravings without needing to ingest nicotine.

Tips for Using Nicotine-Free Vapes to Relax

Choose non-nicotine vape juice flavors that appeal to your tastes for a satisfying treat for your tastebuds when you vape. This can make using a non-nicotine vape satisfying, helping to calm cravings while acting as an addictive-free alternative to nicotine-containing vape juices.

Another helpful tip is to take your non-nicotine vape with you if you know you’ll be around friends, coworkers, or a social environment where people smoke or use nicotine vape. This environment can encourage the temptation for nicotine ingestion to occur, causing cravings to irritate the nerves. Bringing along your non-nicotine vape can be a relaxing alternative to demote cravings and appease the tastebuds.

Additional Advice on Relaxing a Racing, Anxious Mind

First and foremost, if you are consistently struggling or suffering from anxiety, seek a professional for guidance on the best way to address the concern.

Knowing your anxiety triggers can be helpful. But, unfortunately, for many who vape, these “triggers” may simply be “cravings” - suggesting you need your next nicotine fix, hence the overwhelming and insistent desire to vape to satisfy the craving.

You can also consider adding daily exercise to your life. This is a crucial component in supporting mental and physical health. Moving the body is a natural and healthy way to release dopamine without the repercussions caused by nicotine’s harmful addictive maneuvers that do the same with negative developments.

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Final Thoughts on Using Non-Nicotine Vapes to Relax

Can non nicotine vape relax you? They can, but not the way you might have initially thought!

Throughout this article, we debunked the myth that nicotine can relax you. This addictive chemical stimulates the brain's reward system, which may be the initial cause.

Another reason nicotine may appear initially “relaxing” is that the body’s cravings or withdrawal symptoms from wanting more nicotine are satisfied. Non-nicotine vapes can be beneficial to satisfy cravings without actually ingesting nicotine, which can be helpful for individuals seeking to wean off or quit nicotine.

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