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Are Disposable Vapes Worth The Price?

Published 1 July 2022, Updated 7 April 2024

Are Disposable Vapes Worth The Price?

Are Disposable Vapes Worth The Price?

When disposable vapes are compared to a packet of cigarettes, disposable vapes are definitely worth the price. The average pack of cigarettes costs between £10 - £13, whereas the average 600 puff (claiming equivalence to a packet of cigarettes) disposable vapes costs in the region of £5-6. This is a massive 50% saving cost from the get-go.

However, it is important to note that disposable vapes are much less value for money than purchasing a pod device and vape juice. A disposable vape (usually comes with two replacement pods) costs approximately £20, and a 10ml bottle of e-liquid costs as little as £3; however, cheaper vape juice can be purchased. This will easily exceed a packet of cigarettes and a disposable vape (depending, of course, on your habits).

A typical pack of 4 replacement pods (e.g. Caliburn cartridges) costs £10. They are replaced every 10 - 20ml of e-liquid vaped or every 7 - 10 days or when the cartridge begins to taste burned.

If you are a heavy smoker (a packet a day), you will typically spend £10 - 13 a time. Still, if you take up vaping, that cost will significantly be reduced to much less over a week, a weekly saving of approximately £35 over a year, approximately £2000 based on the average number of cigarettes smoked.

If you are a moderate smoker (a packet every 2 - 3 days), that will cost you approximately £23 per week, whereas a couple of disposable devices will cost you about £10 every week. Once again, this is a weekly saving of over 50%.

How Much Does A Disposable Vape Cost?

Typically, a disposable vape can cost in the region of £5-6 per item.

However, most retailers will sell disposable vapes on offer with 2 for £10 and 4 for £20. Different retailers will have different pricing and offers, so it is advisable to always shop around to find the best offers and prices.

Illegal disposable vapes (anything over 2ml or claiming to have 1000s of puffs) will tend to be more expensive, costing around £10 per unit, depending on the retailer. However, as mentioned, these are illegal in the UK because they exceed the maximum vape juice capacity of 2ml.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Disposable Vapes?

When compared to traditional cigarettes, disposable vapes are a much cheaper option.

However, when compared to refillable pod systems, in the long term, refillable pods tend to be much cheaper than disposables.

Purchasing a disposable vape is always recommended when trying to kick the smoking habit. But as time goes on, and you develop a taste for vaping and see the many benefits vaping has on both your body and wallet, it is recommended to purchase a pod system and UK-manufactured e-liquid rather than continuing to purchase disposable vapes which are made in China. The savings on your wallet will be even more noticeable when transitioning from disposable vapes to a refillable pod device.

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