Can You Overfill A Vape Tank?

Published April 28th 2022
In this blog post, we'll take a look at the ways you can fill your vape tank, why you should never overfill it and some tips for avoiding overfilling.

Can You Overfill A Vape Tank?

Yes, if you are not paying attention to how much e-liquid you are putting into your tank, overfilling the vape tank can easily be done. This will cause leakages and may cause spitting of e-liquid into your mouth or can affect the performance of the vape kit, giving you a less than pleasant vaping experience.

Most vape tanks and pod systems come with minimum and maximum lines, which are clearly visible on the outside of the device. Never go beyond the maximum line, as this will cause the tank to leak whilst you are filling it or sometimes even when it is stowed away in your pocket or bag.

How Much Should You Fill Your Vape Tank?

You should only fill your vape tank to the maximum line shown on the tank. Anything more than this can cause leakages and spitting. The TPD directive act states that all UK vape tanks have a maximum volume capacity of 2ml of vape juice.

Before the TPD directive, there was no limit to how much e-liquid a tank could hold, and you could purchase Vape tanks in excess of 2ml.

When purchasing a new vape tank today, it will come installed with a 2ml maximum limit. However, some tanks can be customised (i.e. purchasing a larger glass bowl). This will allow you, the vaper, to increase the maximum capacity of your vape tank. This has an added benefit where the vaper may not require to fill their vape tank as often.

Most vape tanks (pods, too) have a minimum and maximum line, which is clearly shown on the tank. Be sure always to have vape juice between these two lines as it will ensure that the tank is never running on empty, which may eventually give a dry hit and burn out your coil. It also ensures that the vape tank is not overfilled, causing leakages.

How Do You Fill A Vape Tank?

Every tank or pod has its method of refilling. Some tanks or pods may have a top-down or bottom-up filling system. Be sure to read the user's manual of your tank or device to ensure that you are filling the tank or pod correctly.

Some tanks or pods have pieces (such as the mouthpiece) that may have to be removed to expose the filling holes to the chamber before you can fill it up. Never fill up using the tank's chimney as this can damage the coil and flood the chamber of the tank, causing leakages.

If you cannot fill the tank after reading the user manual successfully, you will most likely find a video of the tank being filled somewhere online.

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