Can I Vape In My House?

Published May 16th 2022
In this article, we discuss if you can vape inside your home and whether there are any unpleasant smells.

Can I Vape In My House?

Yes, you can vape in your house, but this is entirely down to personal preference, as some people may not enjoy the smell of vape juice in their house.

With vaping becoming more and more popular, we are seeing many people visit our online vape store to switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping e-cigarettes. Tobacco smoke from cigarettes has a very distinct and unpleasant smell. Most people would choose to keep their houses smoke-free, and cigarettes can leave a lingering, unpleasant odour. Furthermore, smoking Tobacco can stain fabrics such as curtains, wallpaper and even furniture in some cases.

With e-cigarettes becoming increasingly popular, many choose to vape inside their houses. Vapes do not have an unpleasant smell like a cigarette. Most vapes will give a sweet and pleasant smell depending on the flavour, and this is why people will let vapes be used inside their homes but not cigarettes.

Where Can I Hide My Vape At Home?

You can hide your vape almost anywhere at home. Ensure that your vape is kept in a cool, dry location, as being too hot can cause a risk of the vape not working, and water damage can cause battery damage, which will stop the vape from working.

Firstly, you need to be 18 years old or above to be legally allowed to purchase a vape. If you are over the legal age and would need to hide your vape for whatever reason that may be, here are a few recommendations for you to safely hide your vape:

Chest of drawers/Wardrobe

Hiding a vape in a chest of drawers or a wardrobe is one of the easiest to hide your vape. A chest of drawers has multiple drawers that you can choose from, and wardrobes usually have shelves or some other type of storage inside that you can hide your electronic cigarette.


Clothing, such as your jacket pocket. Ensuring that the pocket is free from debris such as dust or fluff, you can hide your vape in one of the many pockets as it is extremely rare for somebody to go rummaging through your belongings.


Hiding your vape in a bag or a backpack is another easy option. Most bags and backpacks have a lot of different pockets and storage solutions that vary in size; this means that you have multiple choices of where you could hide your vape in a bag/backpack.

How Long Does Vape Smell Last In Room?

Depending on how strong an odour your juice/flavour has, the average time the smell of vape juice will linger is roughly between 5-10 minutes.

If you are vaping a flavour that has a powerful odour, then this could potentially linger for longer. It depends on the flavour you are vaping; for example, tobacco flavours can stay slightly longer, but this could be down to the tobacco flavour not smelling as pleasant as some of the fruity flavours.

If the coil inside your device is burning out or has burnt out, then the smell of a burnt coil can last between 1 and 2 hours, giving off an unpleasant, burnt plant-like smell.

Does Vape Smoke Stay In The Room?

Yes, it does, but only for seconds as it is vapour and not smoke.

As vapes produce vapour and not smoke, the vapour will break down within seconds compared to a cigarette which can take over 30 minutes to break down and disappear.

Conventional cigarette smoke can linger in the air for up to 45 minutes, and vapour produced from an e-cigarette usually takes just a few seconds to evaporate, even outdoors. Even in a room with no or low ventilation, research has found that the vapour particles still disappear within seconds.

Can You Vape Inside Your House?

Yes, you can vape inside your house, but this is entirely down to the personal preference of the owner/tenant of the house.

Vaping inside your house is entirely legal; however, it is recommended to ask the owner or tenant for permission first, as they may not enjoy the smell of vape liquid or may have children present and would like for them to not be around vaping.

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