When Should You Refill Vape Juice?

Published August 3rd 2022
Let's explore when you should refill your vape and what you can expect from a 10ml e-liquid.

When Should You Refill Vape Juice?

If you begin to notice a weaker flavour and a lower vapour production when inhaling from your device, this is an indication that you will need to refill with e-liquid.

The more experienced you become as a vaper, the quicker you'll be able to pick up on the signs that your device needs refilling. If you're experiencing a loss of flavour and low vapour production, this is the most obvious sign which indicates it's time to check your tank.

You'll find the vast majority of vape tanks come with a minimum line; this line is to advise you on where you should not let your juice go below. Letting your vape juice run extremely low and fall below the line will not provide enough e-liquid to saturate your wick, which can produce dry hits and ultimately burn out your coil.

Make sure to prime your coil; you can do this by dropping a few drops of e-liquid onto the coil and letting it sit for 5-10 minutes, and then use a normal. This will only need to be done when using a new coil.

Your vape tank will be no more than 2ml; you can expect your 2ml to last around a day for someone who is an average vaper. So you should need to refill each day at least once, more for a heavy vaper, less for a light vaper.

Depending on what device you are using, your e-liquid could last less. If you're using a high-powered device, you will vaporise more juice.

How Long Should A 10ml Bottle Of Eliquid Last?

For someone who vapes an average amount, you can expect your 10ml bottle of juice to last around one week. For those who are heavy vapers 10ml may last between 1-3 days, whereas it may last 4-10 days for much lighter vapers.

When you fill your tank, you will be using 2ml of e-liquid each time. Depending on your vaping habits, you'll find you're filling up your tank every one or two days. So you can expect a bottle of 10ml e-liquid to last 5-7 days.

Please be aware if you are using a more powerful device with higher wattage and an e-liquid with a higher ratio of VG, the juice will not last as long as a standard device as you're producing more vapour to achieve a bigger cloud.

If you are a heavy vaper and refill your tank multiple times a day, you should recalculate your nicotine intake as the strength of your liquid may not fulfil your needs.

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