What Things Can I Vape?

Published June 13th 2022
In this article, we will discuss what things you can vape, and what other ingredients can be used to vape besides e-liquid.

What Things Can I Vape?

You cannot vape anything other than formulated e-liquids.

Knowing how exactly a vape works and what e-liquids are safe to vape is critical for a healthy and vape lifestyle to help you quit smoking. It’s best to do your research first on sites like these since you’re ingesting vapour, and many substances can be harmful when burnt or evaporated.

The common advice is, if you don’t know, then don’t do it. Many employees at a vape store will tell you never to put anything other than tested e-liquid in your vape kit. This is because, while many things look like they could belong in a vape setting, they might turn out to be toxic and harmful to you.

So, let’s get a few things out of the way. No, you absolutely cannot vape water. If you look at e-liquid, it might feel and pour like water, but e-juice is mainly made of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, which combine to create a safe liquid for vaping. If you try this with water, you might think it just turns into water vapour like your hot shower fogs up a mirror, but no.

Vaping water will potentially damage your vaping device, flood and rust your coils, and most likely damage the internal components of the vape. Because water evaporates at much higher temperatures than general e-liquid, it would be nearly impossible for a vaping device to vaporise. However, if it did, this could be dangerous to you due to the high temperatures.

You also cannot vape things like sweetened juice, essential oils and honey. Some vape users may vape the wrong liquids because they judge something not by its ingredients but by its viscosity and appearance. Just because your e-liquid might be packaged like a small manuka honey bottle does not mean they are equivalent.

For example, honey will be caramelised in your tank, and while this will be the least harmful for you, it will completely mess up your heating coil and your vape tank, causing you to waste a perfectly good kit.

Essential oils will be very dangerous to you as they’re not meant to be consumed, much less in such high doses. It’s best to use a diffuser. Lastly, a sweetened juice will turn into steam-like water and scald the inside of your throat.

What Can You Put In A Vape Instead Of Juice?

You should be vaping e-liquids, but other than just e-liquid, there are a few alternatives. First of all, you can vape Vegetable Glycerin or VG.

VG is an active ingredient in most vape e-liquids and produces this lovely dense smoke. Compared to an e-liquid, you might not get a taste, but it could be a good experiment since the vapour produced forms a luscious smooth sensation without the tangy throat hit of PG liquids.

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