How Much E-Liquid Do You Vape Per Day?

Published August 2nd 2022
This blog will help you understand the ins and outs of how much e-liquid you vape daily.

How Much E-liquid Do You Vape Per Day?

A heavy smoker (> 1 pack a day) should vape approximately 1 - 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt daily. A moderate smoker (10-19 cigarettes per day) should vape approximately 0.5-0.75ml daily. A light smoker (<10 cigarettes per day) should vape approximately 0.25 - 0.5ml daily.

These figures are based on the puff count provided for 2ml of 20mg salt nic e-liquid. According to the vast majority of disposable manufacturers, 2ml of 20mg vape juice provides approximately 600 puffs per device.

Scientific research has looked at the number of puffs per cigarette and calculated that the average smoker takes approximately 12.5 puffs per cigarette. Therefore, an average disposable vape giving 600 puffs should last about 48 cigarettes (600/12.5 =48).

Below is a list that compares the volume (ml) of 20mg nicotine salt to puff count and cigarettes. This is not an accurate measure of the volume of cigarette puffs but is more of a guideline. 

ML -> Puffs -> Cigarettes;

  • 2ml equivalent to approximately 600 puffs equivalent to approximately 48 cigarettes
  • 1ml equivalent to approximately 300 puffs equivalent to approximately 24 cigarettes
  • 0.5ml equivalent to approximately 150 puffs equivalent to approximately 12 cigarettes
  • 0.25ml equivalent to approximately 75 puffs equivalent to approximately 6 cigarettes
  • 0.125ml equivalent to approximately 37.5 puffs equivalent to approximately 3 cigarettes
  • 0.0625ml equivalent to approximately 18.75 puffs equivalent to approximately 1.5 cigarettes
  • 0.03125ml equivalent to approximately 12.5 puffs equivalent to approximately 1 cigarette

Many factors will affect the amount of vape juice consumed daily, including the device used, the style of vaping (DTL or MTL), the concentration of nicotine used, and the individual's vaping habits.

How Much Juice Does The Average Vaper Use?

An average smoker (10 cigarettes per day) will vape approximately 0.5ml daily. This figure has been calculated based on the vaper using 20mg of nicotine salt. However, should you not be using such a high dosage of nicotine, you may find that you vape more nicotine-containing e-liquid to get the same hit as someone who vapes a high concentration e-liquid.

Many factors affect how much vape juice a vaper will use a day. These are and are not limited to: the device used, type of vape juice used, whether you are a DTL or MTL vaper, the nicotine concentration within the vape juice and lastly, whether or not you like the flavour of vape juice you have chosen.

Theoretically, if you use a high nicotine strength e-juice such as a 20mg nicotine salt, you will require fewer puffs than a vaper who uses a 3mg regular 10ml. Similarly, if someone is used to smoking cigarettes (i.e. MTL smoking), switching to a low mg direct-to-lung, vaping style may require more puffs to obtain their nicotine hit.

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