How Many Cigarettes Are In 1ml Of E-liquid?

Published August 2nd 2022
Let's explore the calculation for the equivalent amount of cigarettes in 1ml e-liquid.

How Many Cigarettes Are In 1ml Of E-liquid?

There are approximately 24 cigarettes in 1ml of 20mg e-liquid, equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes and a fifth of another pack of cigarettes.

Scientific research has shown that smokers generally inhale 10-15 puffs between 5-8 minutes, which averages to approximately 12.5 puffs per 20mg cigarette. Therefore a pack of cigarettes equates to approximately 250 puffs per pack (12.5 x 20 = 250 puffs), depending on the individual. The same would be true for salt nic or any other type of nicotine as long as the concentration is standardised to 20mg.

This figure was calculated by dividing 600 puffs (amount in average 20mg 2ml disposable, e.g. Elf Bar) by the number of puffs per cigarette, so 600/12.5 = 48.

How many cigarettes are in a 10ml e-liquid?

There are approximately 240 cigarettes in 10ml of e-liquid. This is the equivalent of 12 packs of cigarettes.

If we assume that 2ml of 20mg e-liquid equates to 48 cigarettes (based on the puff count), then 5 x 48 cigarettes = 240. This figure is once again based on the puff count. There are, of course, other methods to calculate this figure, but we have used puff count as the standard of measure.

How Many Puffs Are In A 10ml E-liquid?

There are approximately 3000 puffs in 10ml of e-liquid. This figure was calculated by using the 2ml Elf Bar, which contains approximately 600puffs. Therefore, 10ml/2ml = 5, and 5 x 600puffs = 3000 puffs.

This is by no means an exact number, as different users will have different vaping habits. For example, a person with longer inhales on the vape device will get fewer puffs than someone with shorter inhales.

Another factor that may affect the puff count is the device used. For example, if a user uses a higher-powered device, they may get fewer puffs than those who use a lower-powered device.

Another factor that may affect the puffs a user gets from their device is the method of vaping. A direct-to-lung vaper will get fewer puffs than a person who vapes mouth-to-lung.

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