Which Disposable Vape Has The Most Puffs?

Published May 6th 2022
This article discusses which disposable vape has the most puffs and lasts the longest.

Which Disposable Vape Has The Most Puffs?

The disposable with the most amount of puffs would be the IVG plus disposable vape with 800 puffs.

The IVG plus vape has approx 800 puffs. However, there are a lot of vapes on the market with a much higher puff count; however, these have a large e-liquid capacity that is not TPD compliant, which makes them illegal for sale in the UK. Disposable vapes such as the Geek Bar Pro and Elux Legend Pro are 3500 puffs, with a 10ml e-liquid capacity.

Most vapes actually can last quite a long time, and most vape manufacturers already understand the market's competitiveness and work hard to deliver the best vaping experience.

It goes without saying that the frequent vaper will find that their vape lasts for a time far shorter than the occasional vaper. However, the mean puff count can last users merely a few days, while the high puff count vapes can last up to a week of vaping. Therefore, high puff count vape devices are extremely coveted in the market as they are truly made to last, making the disposable vape far more convenient as they do not have to be replaced that often.

Most vapes on the market, on average, are 600 puffs. With a 2ml capacity, it is very difficult to achieve a higher puff count due to insufficient e-liquid.

What Disposable Vape Lasts The Longest?

Among all other disposable vapes on the market, any disposable vape over 600 puffs will last you the same amount of time. However, this depends on how much you vape.

How much you vape can make the difference in how long your disposable vape lasts. If you're a heavy vape user, you may find a 600 puff device will last you only one day; however, if you are a light vaper, a disposable vape with up to 600 puffs can last you 2-3 days on average.

The IVG plus is 800 puffs; this is the largest puff count that is TPD compliant. There are bigger vapes on the market; however, these consist of a larger e-liquid capacity than 2ml, some even 5ml or 10ml. Any e-liquid capacity greater than 2ml that contains nicotine is illegal for sale in the UK. Please be aware of such products; some include puff counts of 3500 puffs, such as the Elux legend pro and the Geek Bar Pro.

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