How Many Cigarettes Are In A Geek Bar?

Published May 6th 2022
This article discusses how many cigarettes are in a Geek Bar.

How Many Cigarettes Are In A Geek Bar?

A Geek Bar will be equivalent to 48 cigarettes.

Geek Bars are mouth to lung vaping devices which are specially made to replicate the exact feeling you get from smoking cigarettes. Geek Bars are offered in a variety of flavours and come with a 2ml prefilled capacity tank that gives you a minimum of 575 puffs, which equals up to 48 cigarettes. Our Geek Bars are powered by 500mAH batteries which means they can last you for days on end.

Geek Bars come in a wide variety of flavours, totalling over 20 of them — all unique and original. Some of them you might recognise from your favourite slushies, such as blueberry ice, banana ice, and passion fruit. Of course, we can’t stray from tradition — Geek Bars come in menthol and tobacco too, so if you’re still missing the taste of cigarettes, try these out. If you want to try a mix of mint and berry — go for our blackcurrant menthol, and you’ll be in for a ride.

What Is A Geek Bar Equivalent To?

Geek Bars are roughly equivalent to around 48 cigarettes.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for your next vape. If you want it to last a long time, why not try a Geek Bar? Geek Bars are designed to be high quality, advanced vapes that serve all your vaping needs.

Our Geek Bars are disposable vape kits, so if you’re looking for convenience, you’re in luck. They are prefilled with 20 mg nic salt e-liquid and are sold with a fully charged battery, which will give you the hit of about 48 cigarettes. Off the shelves, our Geek Bars are ready to use, with no need to press any buttons — all you have to do is to inhale to vape.

Once you’re done with the Geek Bar, just throw it away and grab a new one — so simple.

How Many Puffs On A Geek Bar Is A Cigarette?

The average puff count on a Geek Bar is up to 575 puffs.

Most people who use Geek Bars have reflected that our e-liquids give up to 575 puffs, or roughly equivalent to 48 cigarettes.

How Many Puffs Of A Geek Bar Is Equal To A Cigarette?

12.5 puffs on a Geek Bar is roughly equivalent to one cigarette.

Geek Bars are rising in trend in the vaping world. They work better than your average cigarette as they give so many puffs. One cigarette is equivalent to 12.5 puffs on the geek Bar. With up to 575 puffs in one geek Bar, you will never have to worry about not having enough to vape again with Geek Bars.

Geek Bars are conveniently disposable, similar to cigarettes — you don’t have to go through the hassle of swapping out your coil when you’re done with it, or even having to charge your battery. If you’re looking to kick the habit of smoking, try our disposable Geek Bars, and never have to pick up a cigarette ever again.

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