Beginners Guide To Vape Batteries

Published April 22nd 2021
Everything you need to know about vape batteries as a beginner including types, charging and how to stay safe with batteries when vaping.

In this beginner guide series, batteries are the final essential part of vape devices. They provide the power required for vaporisation.

In this guide to vape batteries we will provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about vape batteries and how to use them correctly in your vape device.

Types of Vape Batteries

There are two main types of vape batteries that are used in vape devices:

  1. In-Built Batteries; and 
  2. Removable Batteries.

In-Built Batteries

Just like smartphones today, nearly all modern vape devices have in-built batteries. As usual, the energy capacity of a battery is measured in mAh (milliamp-hours). The greater the mAh value, the greater power the battery can provide, or if a great power output is not needed, the longer it will last.

Removable Batteries

The most common removable batteries that are compatible with the vast majority of vape devices are known as 18650 batteries. These are powerful lithium-ion batteries that are generally rated between 2000-3000 mAh.

18650 batteries are not generally included in the price of a vape kit as vape batteries are sold separately.

How to Charge Vape Batteries

Vape devices tend to support charging through either a micro USB cable or a USB Type C cable. 

As you will be unable to remove an in-built vape battery, you have no choice but to charge the battery by plugging it directly into the power source.

With removable vape batteries, you do have the option of charging the battery separately by using an external charger. This gives the benefit of being able to circulate batteries rather than having to wait for the in-built batteries to charge before use. Alternatively, the majority of vape batteries can be charged whilst in the vape device using the provided charging cable just as you would with an in-built battery.

Whether in-built or removable, the vape device itself may allow you to use the vape whilst charging is taking place. This is known as 'pass-through charging' and is a feature that is generally made clear on the box of the vape kit or in the manual.

How long do vape batteries last?

With batteries that are in-built into vape devices, the amount of time that the battery lasts for is associated with the mAh of the battery and how powerful the vape device is. Having said this, it is safe to assume that in-built batteries will last for approximately 12-24 hours.

With removable 18650 batteries, the amount of time that the battery lasts will be highly dependant on the power output selection you have chosen on your vape device. For instance, at a vape wattage output of 30w, we would expect your battery to last all day. However, with a vape power output of 100w, we would expect your battery to last no longer than 3-6 hours depending on usage intensity.

If you prefer to vape at higher power outputs, then we recommend choosing a vape device that supports a removable battery as this will enable you to cycle out of charge batteries with freshly charged vape batteries at your convenience.

That’s batteries, what next?

In this beginner series for new vapers, this was the final important topic that you needed to know before taking your first steps into the world of vaping!

Remember, as we mentioned in our very first beginner guide, vaping is only recommended to those quitting smoking. However, if you are adamant on picking up either smoking or vaping, NHS research have twice now confirmed that vaping is 95% less harmful that smoking, so we absolutely advice you to stay away from smoking.

So, where to start? Not to worry, we have one final guide on safe shopping for new vapers.

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