In support of the SmokeFree campaign, we designed IndeJuice SmokeFree to provide the simplest route for smokers to understand the significantly less harmful world of vaping, and effortlessly quit smoking to #LiveSmokeFree, all from the comfort of their own homes.


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IndeJuice SmokeFree

IndeJuice is leading the nationwide target of becoming a smoke-free environment in the UK by 2030. There are many options available for smokers seeking to quit. For example, you can visit your local stop smoking service or get advice from mental health hospitals and trusted clinical staff members. IndeJuice provides support through our online services that promote health and care excellence to all users if you prefer a more practical approach.

Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco-related products have severely impacted human health in the past 70 years. Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death worldwide, killing over 8 million people globally (WHO), with 1.2 million deaths attributed to second-hand smoke.

According to the NHS, 78,000 people die from smoking in the UK per year. On the other hand, vaping is supported by the NHS, MHRA and Cancer Research UK as the most effective smoking cessation tool, with their studies showing that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking.

E-cigarettes are an innovative product to help smokers find a less harmful alternative to tobacco products. IndeJuice believes that focusing on smoking cessation support is imperative to reaching a SmokeFree environment by 2030.

The IndeJuice SmokeFree campaign aims to address the main concerns that arise when considering switching to vaping, mainly due to the overwhelming and fragmented nature of the industry. We strive to empower, inform and educate smokers to make the process of switching to vaping straightforward.

The Facts: Smoking vs Vaping

The difference between smoking and vaping is that smoking delivers nicotine to your body by burning tobacco, which causes smoking-related illnesses. Vaping delivers nicotine to your body by heating an e-liquid, which doesn't contain many toxic chemicals a traditional tobacco product has.

Nicotine is the substance that smokers and vapers need. Nicotine is not considered to be a carcinogen. However, it is incredibly addictive.

A tobacco cigarette contains over 3000 chemicals inhaled into the body. These chemicals contain cancerous by-products, such as carbon monoxide and Formaldehyde (Tar). These are toxic chemicals that dramatically increase the risk of lung cancer, heart diseases, and other types of diseases.

Studies show that e-liquids do not contain these cancerous carbon monoxides and formaldehyde by-products when comparing tobacco to electronic cigarettes. Instead, e-liquids comprise four main ingredients. These ingredients are food flavourings, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and nicotine. None of these ingredients has been shown to pose any associated cancer risk.

The Royal College of Physicians has recently concluded that vaping does not cause any passive harm when considering second-hand vaping. By contrast, over 1 million people globally have died from the effects of second-hand smoke with traditional smoking methods.

Passive smoke from cigarettes is a huge problem as it also affects children and can contribute to the early development of asthma and bronchitis in children. Passive smoking can increase lung disease in adults who are non-smokers by 30%.

It is also clear that vaping is much cheaper than smoking in the long run. The best estimates are that you can save over £2500 a year by switching to vaping.

Simple Guide: How to Switch

Switching to vaping is a straightforward process if you select the right products. We recommend purchasing a disposable vape first. Disposable vapes are the most convenient way to start your vaping journey and provide you with enough nicotine to satisfy nicotine cravings.

Additionally, disposable vapes come in various types of flavours, so you're not just stuck to tobacco flavours. They are lightweight, small and compact and work similarly to a cigarette, where you need to inhale. You do not need to purchase any e-liquid, and you dispose of the device when you're finished.

If you do not want a disposable device and you're comfortable with exploring more options, then there are e-cigarette starter kits you can explore, such as the UWELL Caliburn kit.

Starter kits and other devices come in all types, shapes, and sizes. The kits include a cartridge or a replacement pod where you will need to fill up with your desired e-liquid. If you are transitioning from smoking, we recommend choosing a high nicotine strength e-liquid (20mg). 20mg nicotine strength is the ideal choice for e-cigarette use by heavy smokers looking to quit smoking through e-cigarettes.

If you are a light smoker, we recommend choosing 10mg e-liquid nicotine for your e-cigarette. Vape juice comes in all types of nicotine strength, and this will allow you to control the nicotine strength so that you can gradually decrease the intake of nicotine.

After transitioning to vaping, you may need a few weeks to know what works for you. There are many different flavours, nicotine strengths and brands. However, once you find the right balance, you will be well on your way to quitting smoking altogether.

Starter Kit: Just One Device

The UWELL Caliburn Kit is loved by new and pro vapers. This starter kit is known for its simplicity, safety and long-lasting life. The Caliburn kit lets you get all the nicotine you need to inhale and enables you to experience a wide variety of exquisite flavours due to its refillable pods. This vape kit contains a battery, which can be quickly recharged using a USB cable.

Once you have your starter kit, you will need to purchase an accompanying e-liquid. The replacement Caliburn pods work most efficiently with 50/50 VG/PG e-liquid, so stick with that VG/PG ratio first. Once you fill your cartridge with e-liquid, wait a few minutes to ensure the pod is saturated and then take an inhale to begin your vaping journey.

The Caliburn pods come in two formats: the 1.2-ohm KOKO pods and 1.4-ohm standard pod. We recommend using the 1.2 KOKO pods to heat the e-liquid faster, leading to an effective nicotine intake. The standard 1.4-ohm coil and the preferred 1.2-ohm replacement pod last for 1-2 weeks, depending on usage.

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