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Can I Bring A Vape On A Plane If I’m 18?

Published 26 May 2022, Updated 2 July 2024

Can I Bring A Vape On A Plane If I’m 18?

Can I Bring A Vape On A Plane If I'm 18?

Yes, you can take a vape on a plane if you're 18; however, you cannot vape on a plane.

With the rise of disposable ecigs, vaping has been more popular with individuals under the age of 21 in recent years as an effective way to quit smoking. Vaping is a common quit-smoking tool among 18-year-olds alike. Since the increased number of fresh-faced vapers travelling these days, the issue arises — can you carry your vape on a plane if you're 18? Regardless of age, you may bring your vape on a plane — there is no concrete regulation to say otherwise. But there's a catch to it! You are only allowed to do so if it is stored in your carry-on baggage.

The execution of such legislation is the responsibility of state authorities, whereas the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)'s only objective is to assure passenger safety. Most states require that you be 21 and above to buy vape items, but you can air travel with it as long as you meet the regulations. Therefore, if you're 18 and already own a vape, you shouldn't have any problems possessing it.

Vaping is, however, prohibited on planes. Using vapes on an aeroplane is a legal violation, and all airline companies and the TSA forbid it. A fine will almost certainly be imposed if you're found smoking or vaping on an aircraft. You should expect crewmembers to confiscate your vape at the absolute minimum, but the consequences can be far more severe.

Keep these few guidelines in mind when travelling with a vape or taking one on board. Firstly, please keep it in your carry-on baggage rather than your checked baggage. Second, never use your vape on the plane and do not try to charge it. When catching a flight, it is critical to separate the batteries and other metal components. Lastly, verify the specific regulations on vapes on each airline and at your destination.

Will TSA Take My Vape If I'm Under 18?

While you should not vape under any circumstances if you are under 18, the TSA is unlikely to confiscate your vape if you're under 18. However, you may be questioned by individual personnel if they suspect you're under 18 and your parents will certainly be alerted if that is the case.

Airport security personnel have a common policy on vapes and electronic cigarettes. The presence of forbidden things within is the major consideration of airport security while checking. The officers would inspect your luggage for prohibited goods and seize them. The security concern and goal is to guarantee that your luggage does not contain any forbidden goods. Electronic cigarettes and vapes should be stowed in carry-on rather than checked baggage. They're concerned about passenger safety because vape batteries might pose a threat to the aircraft carrier.

Even if you are 18, airport security permits you to carry a vape on an aircraft. But if your vape device is found in your check-in luggage, they might seize it. In the best-case scenario, they will request that you store it in your cabin baggage.

To add on, you must guarantee that the gadget will not be used throughout the journey. It is even forbidden to charge the gadget. When you start charging your e-cigarettes, the cabin crew may notice and lead to confiscation or a fine.

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