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The 'Caliburn' Vape

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The famous UWELL Caliburn vape kit is loved by new & pro vapers, known for its clever simplicity, child-lock safety and long-lasting Caliburn cartridges. It's the only starter vape kit we sell because it's simply the best.

Inhale Without Buttons

Air pressure sensors allow you to inhale without pressing buttons.

Child-Lock Protection

Lock or unlock your device with 5 clicks of the button.

All-Day Battery

A safe all-day battery allowing you to enjoy those all-day vapes.

Long-Lasting Cartridges

The Caliburn Cartridges are known for their superb cartridge life.

Parallel Coils

All cartridges have in-built parallel coils perfect for nicotine salts.
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How To Use

Just 5 Simple Steps

Remove Cartridge
Simply pull out the cartridge held by magnets, then remove the drip tip from the cartridge.
Fill Cartridge
Fill the cartridge with vape juice only in the left or right hole. The center hole is the vapour chimney.
Once filled, reconnect the drip tip and place the cartridge back into the device body.
Wait 10 Mins
Wait 10 minutes to allow the cotton in the new cartridge to absorb the vape juice.
Unlock & Inhale
You’re ready. Simply hit the button 5 times to unlock the device, inhale on the drip tip and enjoy!

What's In The Box?

Caliburn Device
Size: 110mm × 21mm × 12mm
Battery: 520 mAh
Weight: 30g
Wattage: 11W
Caliburn Cartridge (x2)
Resistance: 1.2 ohms
Capacity: 2ml
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Micro USB Cable
65cm Long
User Manual
Official Device Manual

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110 Customer Reviews
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"Excellent pod system, the best I’ve ever used, it feels a lot like smoking a cigarette which was what I’d spent quite a while looking for, the choice between using a button and just taking a pull without using the button is a cool feature"
Harry E. • Verified Purchase • May 4th 2021
Verified Purchase • May 4th 2021
"My battery lasts for about 1-2h. Best 2 hours of my day as the flavour this little thing produces is fantastic. Not much throat hit however. Drip tip is a little tricky to open but after while it gets easier. Definetly worth £20."
Dawid W. • Verified Purchase • Apr 19th 2021
Verified Purchase • Apr 19th 2021
"One of the best vapes i have used.. so simple and effective and with great charge life"
Michael H. • Verified Purchase • Apr 16th 2021
Verified Purchase • Apr 16th 2021
"Good cloud charges fast highly recommended if u want a lot of cloud"
Kelly C. • Verified Purchase • Apr 13th 2021
Verified Purchase • Apr 13th 2021
"Really nice little pod system. Gives a really nice though not too powerful - however, this is obvious due to its size. Has a really nice battery life, seems pretty bomb proof too - I know as my other half has thrown it across the room and nothing broke. Also comes with really nice affordable cartridges"
Toby M. • Verified Purchase • Apr 10th 2021
Verified Purchase • Apr 10th 2021
"Great device. Would buy again. Highly recommend"
Will S. • Verified Purchase • Apr 9th 2021
Verified Purchase • Apr 9th 2021
"Fire vape, 10/10 rating dere. Gives me a real tingle if you get me"
Alex P. • Verified Purchase • Apr 5th 2021
Verified Purchase • Apr 5th 2021
"it’s so pretty and easy to use i love it so much"
Molly M. • Verified Purchase • Mar 26th 2021
Verified Purchase • Mar 26th 2021
"Really fast delivery. Packaged well and de"
Ellie W. • Verified Purchase • Mar 19th 2021
Verified Purchase • Mar 19th 2021
"Works well with my 70vg/30pg juice, nice big clouds, it spits a little but thats my error for overfilling. gives nice flavour output, the side view to see how much juice is useful, long battery life and nice small sleek design, cant go wrong with this small powerful device. Love it !"
Mia G. • Verified Purchase • Mar 15th 2021
Verified Purchase • Mar 15th 2021
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As part of IndeJuice SmokeFree, you'll receive
our super simple vaping guide with your vape device.

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According to Cancer Research UK, smokers are 60% more likely to quit smoking using e-cigarettes and e-liquids than any other form of nicotine replacement therapy such as patches and chewing gums. Combine a suitable vape starter kit with specialist support and the effectiveness of switching increases to an astonishing 225% more successful quit smoking rate{{show_accordion?'.':'...'}} Read More

By using this study directly, we have distilled the best way to switch smoking into three simple steps:

  1. The right vape device
  2. Your suitable level of nicotine
  3. Suitable flavours that keep you interested

1. The right vape device

When shopping for a vape starter kit, you will become overwhelmed by the vast amount of devices and kit components within vaping. Whilst this may be useful for hobbiest vapers or those who have been experienced in the vaping industry for a substantial period of time, this is often enough for a smoker to give up searching for a vape starter kit and have a smoke from the pure stress of figuring it out.

We’ve taken a completely different approach.

Whilst we have over 2,000+ vape juices available on our website, we only sell one vape device. That’s right, just one single device.

By understanding the frustrations that people go through in quitting smoking in pursuit of the right vaping starter kit, we’ve searched far and wide for the all time best starter kit device that will serve its purpose and keep you off cigarettes.

The UWELL Caliburn is that vaping starter device. It's made of metal body with a metallic finish and one single button. That button serves as a child lock protection but also allows firing of the device. The beauty about this button however, is that you do not have to click it in order to take a draw due to the inhalation detection technology.

The standard 1.4ohm pods that come with the kit are also exceptional. With their parallel coil technology and large juice intake holes, airflow resembles a cigarette with dramatic accuracy whilst flavour maintains its clarity through this kit coil. These coils have also been designed to be suitable for high VG vape liquids - a rare occurrence for a pod kit and one of a kind for a vaping starter kit.

With an all day battery life, this vape starter kit provides an ideal entry point for those who want a fantastic vaping experience without the fuss of constantly recharging the battery or worrying about the battery of your kit.

2. Your suitable level of nicotine

As a smoker, your body is currently used to a certain level of nicotine in order to satisfy your cravings.

However, when you walk into a shop to buy a pack of cigarettes, there is no complex mathematics required in order to determine your suitable nic level. You just buy a pack and get on with it.

That’s why when purchasing through our Starter Kit route, we just ask you how many cigarettes you smoke and we then only show you vape juice strengths suitable for you.

Choosing the correct nic strength is vitally important in order to ensure that your replacement therapy works as it should. This is highly dependant on each customer's current nic intake which is difficult to narrow down when switching from cigarettes due to the unclear facts and figures around the over 3000 chemicals that are inhaled when smoking, many with their own addictive properties.

We hope that by simplifying this process to two simple questions, we will be able to match more smokers than ever with their ideal vape starter kit and perfect nic strength e-liquids. These two questions are firstly, your frequency of smoking - either daily, weekly or monthly and secondly how many cigarettes you smoke in that time period. By using these two data points, we are able to distil from our large selection of vape liquids to the ones that are most likely to work with you when switching to your vape starter kit.

3. Suitable flavours that keep you interested

One of the most important aspects to any habit replacement is consistency. Whether you go cold turkey or decide to quit through vaping, it’s only beneficial if there is consistency through commitment.

Whilst we cannot do anything to increase an individual's will power, we recognise that consistency is one of the most important aspects in making the switch and therefore our responsibility to help maintain your interest in vaping rather than smoking. This leads to us a commitment in ensuring that we do all we can to help you find your perfect juice both when starting out and when you return for a refill. Because of this, we give you two main routes by which you can discover your perfect vape juice and e-liquids.

Our first route begins when we ask you to input a single flavour that you think you may be interested in. Unsurprisingly, many common inputs into this field are focused around Tobacco or Fruits or Menthol flavours. Whilst this is perfectly fine, especially for new vapers who are looking to switch from equally flavoured cigarettes, the joy of the vape world is that you can get incredibly creative with vaping flavours such as Slushie, Doughnut or Custard based flavours.

By using your recommended nicotine strength and your flavour selection as automatic filters, this means that you will not see thousands of results that will overwhelm you when choosing your juices. You will only ever see a few popular flavours that have proven themselves as fantastic e-liquids and carriers of nicotine for those who want to quit smoking and switch to vaping.

We achieve our second route in assisting you discovering your perfect starting flavour by organising our 2,000+ juices in order of popularity. The advantage of doing this is that you will see which flavours others have chosen that have been in your position and have been successful in making the switch. Whilst this may yield quite a few results, because of our cigarette to nic converter that was covered in step 2 we also limit these e-liquid results to vape juices that are available in your recommended vaping nicotine strength.

Final Thoughts

Our main purpose of our Smokefree campaign is to ensure that we help save as many lives as possible by making the process of switching from smoking to vaping as simple and inexpensive as possible.

Whilst the vape starter kit market is vast and not at all catered to a starter, we believe that by doing the market research on behalf of those looking for a starter kit and then presenting you with our findings is the most frictionless method of confidently pursing a vape starter kit and successfully making the switch.

By choosing a single vaping starter kit for this purpose and ensuring that juice flavours do not overwhelm customers, we believe that we have presented the simplest and most effective way to make the switch to vaping.

If you have any questions or would like further guidance please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist.

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