Top 10 Vape Kits

The Ultimate 10: In the spirit of powerful simplicity, we sell just 10 vape devices out of thousands we tested, the 10 devices that represent the entire world of vaping. From beautifully simple pod devices to powerful mod kits, these devices are the absolute best of the best, covering all types, levels and innovations, from 1 to 10. No matter your style or where you are on your vaping journey, that perfect vape you’ve been waiting to discover will be found right here. We present to you, the Ultimate 10.

Caliburn By UWELL

A beautifully simple vape device loved by all vapers, and perfect for those switching from smoking to vaping.

117 Reviews
Only £19.99

XROS By Vaporesso

From adjustable airflow to a bigger battery, this takes things to the next level with 2 coil options.

0.8 - 1.2Ω
5 Reviews
Only £21.99


Entering the world of removable coils, the SMOK Nord provides greater flexibility and control over your vape experience.

0.6 - 1.4Ω
2 Reviews
Only £23.99

PockeX By Aspire

An easy entry into the world of tanks, this is the most popular All-In-One on the market, balancing the power of a tank with the comfort of a pod device.

0.6 - 1.8Ω
5 Reviews
Only £20.95

CoolFire Z50 By Innokin

Welcome to the world of Mods. With detachable tanks & coils alongside adjustable wattage & airflow, this is yours to control.

0.48 - 1.6Ω
3 Reviews
Only £37.99

Drag X By VooPoo

Welcome to a whole new level of power. Up to 80W with an advanced HD screen, this exceptional device features coil auto-detection on top of a removable battery.

0.15 - 1.2Ω
8 Reviews
Only £27.99

Aegis Solo By GeekVape

Virtually indestructible, this mod is waterpoof, dustproof and shockproof. No environment is too tough or harsh for this device, with up to 100W producing serious clouds.

0.15 - 0.4Ω
6 Reviews
Only £39.99

Maxus By FreeMax

The ultimate box mod. With a power output up to 200W and dual 18650 batteries, this future-proof device packs all the tech you could ever need.

0.12 - 0.2Ω
1 Reviews
Only £49.99

T Storm By SMOK

This package is all about delivering power. Thanks to its infamous TFV Mini V2 Tank capable of supporting its 230W output, this is the ultimate regulated sub-ohm kit.

0.15 - 0.2Ω
4 Reviews
Only £39.99

Hi Five Colt 45 V2 By TVL

In the world of mech mods there are few devices that are able to deliver such extreme finesse intertwined with chaotic power. This masterpiece is the ultimate of them all.

0 Reviews
Only £350.00

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What are Pod Vape Kits in vaping?

A pod vape kit is a small and discrete device that produces a little amount of vapour, very similar to the density of a cigarette but for flavoured vape juice. Many pod kits come with automatic draw detection which means that you do not need to push the button in order to begin vaping. Three of the best pod vape kits include the UWELL Caliburn, Vaporesso XROS and the SMOK Nord. Pod vapes came into popularity with the rise of nicotine salts that allow you to vape higher nicotine levels with a smoother throat hit meaning that you vape less for the same nicotine hit thereby reducing the need for a large battery.

What are Vape Mods?

Vape Mods stand for 'modular' and are considered intermediate to advanced devices. Mods in vaping require numerous elements to work. Modular vapes often require separate 18650 batteries, separate tanks, separate glass containers and o-rings that help keep the juice in the tank – although these are usually bundled in vape mod kits. Each tank on a modular device also requires a coil or cartridge that heats up when the vape button is pressed to create vapour. Popular vape mods include the Aspire Nautilus GT, VOOPOO Drag X and the Geekvape Aegis Mini. Each of these vape mod kits comes with everything you need to get started including an extra coil for your convince.

What is a Mech Mod in vaping?

Mech Mods do not have any electronic circuit boards as they are totally unregulated. This means that from the moment you push the button, the full power of the battery is activated. As such, mech mods are only for advanced vapers and should not be used by beginner or even intermediate vapers. You should only use a mech mod if you have the pre-requisite knowledge required to operate the vape device safely. This includes substantial knowledge of ohms law, voltage and resistance. A lack of knowledge in these areas can result in serious injury or device damage. Battery safety is of paramount importance when it comes to mech mods regardless of how familiar you are with 18650 batteries.

What are the best e cig starter kits?

The best e-cig starter kits in vaping are the UWELL Caliburn, Vaporesso XROS and the SMOK Nord. The number one best vape starter kit is the Caliburn by UWELL is a perfect introductory vape starter kit as it simplifies the process of vaping into only having to worry about getting a flavour that you will enjoy. The experience is very close to that of a cigarette particularly as this vape kit has automatic draw detection and so, the UWELL Caliburn is the perfect beginner vape kit. The number 2 best e cig start kit is the Vaporesso XROS is a fantastic step up from the Caliburn as it has the added benefit of adjustable airflow as well as 0.8 ohm and 1.2 ohm coils. The number 3 best vape starter kit is the SMOK Nord. With four coil options, this is as complicated as it gets with e cig starter kits as airflow is determined by which coil you choose.

What is the best high power vape box mod?

The best high power vape box mod is the SMOK T Storm Vape Kit that has a maximum power output of 230W and dual 18650 batteries. The T-Storm vape kit by SMOK also has over 13 compatible sub-ohm coils of which the most popular are the Baby V2 coils that also come in T-Storm mesh coils format. This advanced vape kit provides for variable wattage, variable voltage and adjustable airflow that will easily get through high VG e-liquids. With its rugged design and simple three button layout, the SMOK T-Storm does a fantastic job of simplifying advanced vaping into the easiest format for professional vapers.

What comes included in a vape kit?

Vape kits include the main device, a compatible coil or cartridge, a charging cable and spare accessories such as o-rings or drip tips or tank glass in case required. All vape kits also come with an instructions manual from the manufacturer helping you set the device up and give maintenance tips and advice to help you take care of the vaping device and vaping kit. 18650 batteries are not generally included in sub-ohm devices unless the vape device has a built-in battery.

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