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Coil Finder™ - The Best Vape Coil Compatibility Tool

Coil Finder helps you find compatible coils for your vape device, tank, pod or cartridge. Select the brand of coil you want to find and our coil finder will then show you all coils from that brand. You can then also select your vape tank or device to find compatible coils. Our coil finder is updated on a daily basis and is the best coil finder to help you find the correct coils for your vape.

What is a vape coil?

Vape coils are generally a looped Kanthal alloy wire that have a piece of cotton fed through the centre. Both the coil and cotton are then contained within a vape tank. Once the eliquid mixture is added to the tank the liquid saturates the cotton. When a user then activates the vape by pressing the button, the vape coil heats up and begins to evaporate the VG/PG mixture turning it into vapour. Whilst vape coils are generally made of Kanthal A1 alloy, advancements in material engineering in vaping now allows for materials such as Nichrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel and Titanium to be used in vaping coils.

How often should you replace vape coils?

You should replace vape coils when your juice flavour starts to become inconsistent and unpleasant. This occurs when your vape coil becomes burnt-out and can generally happen within three days of vaping for high wattage devices or as long as two weeks for lower powered pod devices. You should also ideally replace your vape coils every time you change flavour for an optimum vaping experience. If you use a mod where the vape coil is visible in the tank, you should also regularly inspect the coil to ensure that coil is still clean. If the coil appears to be gunky then you should immediately replace your coil regardless of the taste of the vapour.

What materials are used for a coil wire?

The most commonly used material for coil wire is Kanthal A1 which is an iron-chromium-aluminium alloy. A1 refers to the quality of the high-quality nature of the coil. Other materials often used in vape coil wire include Nichrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel and Titanium. Some of these coils such as Stainless Steel, Nickel and Titanium are also capable of Temperate Control. Temperature Control allows you to control the maximum temperature that you would like the coil to reach to give you a more consistent vaping experience. This is different to being able to control the Wattage output of your device which does not have a maximum temperature output and can lead to burnt-out coils more often.

Is it bad for the vape coil to mix vape juice flavours?

Yes, it can be bad for the vape coil if you mix vape juice flavours. Although, this is highly dependent on the flavours that you are mixing. Generally speaking, swapping out fruit flavours for other refills in the same category will not damage the noticeable lifespan of your vape coil. This is because fruit flavours are generally lighter in concentrate percentage than dessert flavours. However, as dessert flavours are often more concentrate heavy, they generally require a new coil that has not been used on another flavour to fully extract the heavier concentrate flavours. Equally, if you mix a non-ice flavour with an ice-based one, this can also lead to burnt-out coils as the coil finds it more difficult to get through the ice concentrate if it has already been pushed to peak performance in the previous flavour.

What are 'vape cartridges'?

Vape cartridges such as the UWELL Caliburn Cartridge are small 2ml disposable containers that either come pre-filled with liquid or are empty for you to fill. Vape cartridges are similar to vape tanks with the exception of not being able to replace the coil – instead, you replace the entire cartridge. Vape cartridges have risen in popularity with the emergence of nicotine salts as the demand for high wattage devices has fallen due to the increased nicotine content that salts are able to comfortably accommodate for. This has led to vape devices not requiring as much power and therefore decreasing in size and increasing in convenience.

What is the difference between vape coils and cartridges?

Vape coils are the replaceable heating element of modular vape tanks whilst vape cartridges are a disposable all-in-one liquid container most commonly found in pod devices. Vape coils are generally lower in resistance, mostly sub-ohm, allowing you to vape refills that are higher in vegetable glycerine content and produce more vapour per puff. Conversely, vape cartridges are higher in resistance and work best will 50/50 mixtures. This leads to more discrete vaping with vape cartridges and smaller cloud production, closer to that of cigarette smoke. If you are new to vaping, we would recommend starting with vape cartridges as part of a pod kit.

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