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Vape Coils - Free Delivery

Shop replacement vape coils for your e-cigarette with Free UK Delivery on all orders. Browse all popular brands options for your sub-ohm coils, mesh coils and other e-cig coils, great for all vaping experience levels across all vaping styles (including for a beginner vaper or any mod vapers).

All replacement coils, vape pods and coil types for your vape & pod kits on IndeJuice come with Free Delivery regardless of your order size or how many items are in your shopping basket.

Our online vape pods and coils shop allows you to mix and match coil options to save money on a 5 pack bundle deal or purchase individual coils from our online shop.

Coil Finder™ - The Best Vape Coil Compatibility Tool

Our innovative Coil Finder helps you find compatible resistance coils for your vape device, tank, pod or cartridge. Please select the brand of coil you want to see, and our Coil Finder will then show you all coils from that brand.

You can also select your vape tank, pod kit or pod device to find compatible resistance coils. Our coil finder is updated daily and is the best coil finder to help you find the correct coils for your vape or tank.

What is a vape coil?

A vape coil is the heating element in an electronic cigarette that heats e-liquid to create vapour.

How does it work?

The heating element in vape coils is typically Kanthal A1 alloy wire with a cotton-wicking material in the centre. Both the coil and wicking material sits inside a vape tank. Once you add the eliquid mixture to the tank, the liquid saturates the cotton, and your kit is then ready to use.

When you activate your vape by pressing the button, the vape coil heats up and vaporises the VG/PG mixture turning it into vapour. The resistance of your coils is one of the key features that determine the vapour production created vape your vape kit.

What metal is my coil?

The most commonly used material for coil wire is Kanthal A1 which is an iron-chromium-aluminium alloy. A1 refers to the quality of the high-quality nature of the coil.

Kanthal coils have a preset wattage range that is controlled by the vape kit you are using. Starter kits without wattage control have a preset wattage range that they operate within to ensure optimum performance and vapour production.

Advanced Coil Material

Whilst vape coils are generally made of Kanthal A1 alloy, advancements in material engineering in vaping now allows for materials such as Nichrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel, and Titanium to be used in vaping coils.

Temperature Control

Some of these advanced coils, such as Stainless Steel, Nickel and Titanium, are also capable of Temperate Control.

Temperature Control allows you to control the maximum temperature you would like the coil to reach to give you a more consistent vaping experience. This is different to controlling the wattage output of your vape kit as wattage control does not read the temperate of the coil and can lead to burnt-out coils if it gets too hot.

Temperature control mode requires a specialist in-built chipset on your device that reads the temperature of the coils and feeds it back into the device to maintain a constant temperature. That's why temperature control mode is only part of advanced kit features and is not found in starter pod kit systems.

How often should you replace vape coils?

The longevity of vape coils will vary depending on usage and type. Sub-ohm coils are most likely to experience reduced life expectancy due to the high current draw that they create.

Standard coils can last longer, but the replacement frequency will also depend on how often you use your vape device and how often you clean your tank.

In any event, you should replace vape pod & vape coils in your vape pod & vape kit when your e-liquid flavour starts to become inconsistent or unpleasant for an optimum vaping experience.

Starter Kit Replacement Vape Coils

For A Beginner Vaper With a Pod Kit & Pod Vapes

If you use a pod system or any other type of mouth to lung style tank, your replacement coils will most likely be contained within an enclosed pod. The lifespan of replacement pods is approximately 1-2 weeks.

A starter kit operates at lower power levels than a sub-ohm device. Therefore the coils contained within these pods can last longer between replacements.

Because these e-cigarette devices draw lower power with a higher coil resistance, the airflow is more suited to mouth to lung vaping (MTL vaping) for a vaper that prefers smaller cloud production.

Sub-ohm Resistance Coils

Sub-ohm coils have a lower lifespan when compared to standard coils. Sub-ohm coils have been designed to work best at lower resistances. Lower resistance means that more power is being pulled from your device, which will be hotter than standard coils.

Sub-ohm vape tanks use larger airflow to help cool the tank and the coils.

When using a sub-ohm mod and tank, vape coils are usually visible in the tank. It would be best if you regularly inspected the coils to ensure that they are still clean. If your coils appear to be gunky inside the tank, you should immediately replace them regardless of the taste of the vapour.

Is it bad for the vape coil to mix e-liquid flavours?

There may not be a simple answer to this question. In some cases, mixing e-liquid flavours won't affect your coils, but it is also possible that it could shorten your coils' lifespan. It all depends on which e-liquid flavours you choose to mix, the number of times you combine them and the ingredients in those e-liquids.

High VG E-Liquids & Dessert Flavours

If you mix high VG e-liquid, the resulting e-liquid will have high amounts of VG and a much-reduced flavour.

The same is true for dessert flavours as they are often more concentrate heavy and therefore require new coils that haven't been used with another flavour to extract the heavier concentrate flavours fully.

Fruit Flavours

On the other hand, swapping out fruit flavours for other e-liquids in the same category does not usually damage the lifespan of your coils. This is because fruit flavours are generally lighter in concentrate percentage than dessert flavours.

What is a pod in a vape?

Shop Closed Pods

A closed pod is a fully enclosed system that holds the eliquid in pod kits. There is no need to remove any parts, and the pods are designed to be replaced when you run out of e-liquid.

Pods are designed specifically for starter kits and give mouth to lung vapers a simple way to use a device. The increased draw resistance and decreased vapour production make the experience very similar to smoking cigarettes.

One downside to closed pods is that the user has limited flavour options due to the liquid being sealed in the pod. If you are a vaper seeking the same simple experience without flavour limits, open pods are a better choice.

Shop Open Pods

Open pods are refillable pods, not pre-filled with e-liquid. This gives you more freedom of flavour options in your pod kit and allows you to try new e-liquids without purchasing a whole new cartridge.

Open pods are designed to work on a similar draw resistance as closed pods. By having fewer parts in pod kits, your vaping experience is simplified and easy to use.

Open pods don't require replacement coils as they are built into the pod and are not removable. Instead, when the cartridge reaches the end of its lifespan, you replace it in your pod kit with another.

The best open pods that we recommend are the UWELL Caliburn Pods.

Is it okay to vape with burnt coils?

It is not okay to vape burnt coils, especially for new users. A burnt material taste indicates that the coil has reached a point where it is no longer usable. It's at this point that you need to replace the vape pod/vape coil in your pod kit/vape kits tank.

It would be best if you changed your coils or refillable pod vape regularly to avoid vaping burnt material, making the coil's or pod's replacement a necessity much sooner. If you notice that your coils or refillable pods need to be replaced quickly, it's time to change your device's wattage setting to a lower value.

Why are my coils burning quickly?

There are two main reasons why you might be burning your coils too quickly:

1) You have a low-quality coil that cannot handle the voltage or wattage being supplied by the battery and/or

2) You are not keeping your vaping device clean.

A coil that isn't made well will burn out faster than a high-quality one. Make sure you use a gentle touch with any coil when screwing them in or out of their base. You do not want to damage the coil, as that has the potential to cause leaking.

What are mesh coils?

Mesh coils have been designed to provide users with a better flavour experience. The coil shape is made of a particular mesh type of wire that has holes throughout it. This provides a greater surface area for the heating of the wick resulting in greater flavour and vapour creation.

Mesh coils can provide users with huge vapour production due to the large running surface area surrounding the wick. Mesh coils vape in many different resistances and are ideal for a user that has already switched from regular cigarettes and is looking to elevate the flavour experience.

IndeJuice stocks a vast range of mesh coils allowing you to shop products by brand or by model. These coils also benefit from IndeJuice bundle deals where you can save money by purchasing a 5 pack and mix and match your selection of products for the ultimate experience.

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