Shop the UK’s best shortfill e liquid with over 3500 shortfills available in a variety of volumes including 50ml and 100ml. Enjoy Free Delivery on all vape shortfills and Free Nic Shots.

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Shortfill E-Liquids - Free UK Delivery

Shop the best shortfill e-liquids at the IndeJuice Vape Store and enjoy 3,500+ of the most popular shortfills in the UK.

With unbeatable prices per ml, shortfills provide the best value for money due to the larger volumes that you can buy compared with other types of e-liquids. We recommend shortfill e-liquid if you want to purchase e-liquids at 3mg or below.

All shortfills on IndeJuice come with Free Delivery, and we have the most comprehensive shortfill e-liquid range of any vape store in the UK. Shop shortfills today for your next vaping experience; you won't be disappointed!

Shortfill E-Liquid Brands

At IndeJuice, you can buy from the UK’s most popular shortfill brands, including Tasty Fruity that specialise in 100ml shortfill e-liquid. If you prefer 50ml shortfills, then be sure to check out Dinner Lady or Nasty Juice - two of the leading global shortfill brands that produce award-winning premium 50ml shortfills.

Whatever your brand preference, IndeJuice provides Free UK Delivery as standard on all 50ml shortfill options for all of our partner brands. This is not just the case for 50ml shortfill bottles but for any shortfill you buy from IndeJuice.

All vape juice brands also benefit from free nic shots meaning that you don't have to pay extra to obtain nic shots and get started with your favourite high VG e-liquid and vape kit.

Best Selling Shortfill E-Liquids

Some of the best selling shortfills include Dinner Lady Lemon Tart - one of the most popular shortfills in the UK.

If you prefer more fruit flavours, we highly recommend checking out Nasty Juice ASAP Grape, a phenomenal grape flavoured shortfill with a hint of mint, creating one of the smoothest 70VG/30PG flavours of all time.

There are also plenty of ice flavours available on IndeJuice, including the popular Just Juice Apple & Pear On Ice 50ml Shortfill with it’s unique bottle shape that makes the process of refilling easy.

Short Fill E-Liquid Flavours

The tastes of short fill e-liquid vary between flavours, ranging from various citrus fruits to menthol, strawberry, and sweet flavours for those that prefer a candy taste.

Menthol flavours have become increasingly popular in recent years. Our vast range of shortfill menthol flavours range from delicious peppermint flavours to those that provide an ice sensation to your taste buds for a truly innovative vaping experience.

If menthol is not your type of flavour and you prefer e-liquid based on fruit flavours, our shortfill juice range provides a refreshing variety of flavours that range from strawberry to more exotic fruit flavours such as tropical mango.

For vapers that enjoy a sweet experience and prefer dessert flavours, our shortfill juice collection has sweet candy and baked dessert flavours that are perfect for those who want a smooth, sweet vape.

Whether fruit, candy or sweet, whatever your vape juice preference, IndeJuice is sure to have the best flavour suitable for your palette with free nic shots as standard with every order.

What is a Shortfill?

Shortfills are zero nicotine e-liquids that have only been filled to approximately 80% of the full bottle capacity. You can add nicotine shots to the remaining 20% if you require nicotine in your e-liquid.

How do you mix Shortfills?

A 50ml shortfill is 50ml of nicotine-free and flavoured e-liquid in a 60ml bottle. By adding one 10ml nicotine shot (18mg) to your 50ml shortfill, you will create 60ml of e-liquid at an overall nicotine strength of 3mg. Just make sure you give the e-liquid bottle a gentle shake before vaping.

The same shortfill concept applies to larger bottles such as the 100ml. These large bottles contain 100ml of nicotine-free eliquid but the overall size of the bottle is 120ml. By adding one 18mg nic shot, you will turn your 100ml liquid into 110ml of e-liquid at overall nicotine of 1.5mg. If you add two nic shots and simply shake the bottle, you will achieve 120ml of e-liquid at an overall nicotine concentration of 3mg.

Adding nic shots to shortfill bottles is very straightforward regardless of whether it is a 50ml shortfill or larger. You can use our free nicotine shot calculator and guide to calculate exactly how many nic shots you need to add for your desired nicotine strength. For more information on shortfills check out our What Is Short-fill E-Liquid vape guide.

Which Nicotine Shot does IndeJuice Provide?

IndeJuice provides the Nic Nic nicotine shot - the industry leader in nic shot manufacturing. These are 18mg 100VG nic shot liquids that contain freebase nicotine.

Freebase nicotine is the most widely used type of nicotine in the UK. As well as use in a nic shot, freebase nicotine is also widely used in juices that are premixed with nicotine and provides a smooth throat hit.

If you have not filled your shortfill yet and would prefer a different type of nicotine shot, feel free to take a look at our Nicotine Salt Shot or Nicotine Ice Shot for a more customised experience.

Benefits of Short fill E-Liquid

There are many benefits when choosing to vape shortfill e-liquids. Here are some of the key advantages to using shortfill eliquids over other liquid types:

Cost-Effective E-Liquid

Shortfill eliquids help many vapers save money because of the large bottle sizes. A shortfill bottle generally comes in a 60ml or 120ml shortfill bottle allowing you to enjoy shortfill e-liquids with your favourite vape kit.

Because of the larger volume, manufacturers can benefit from economies of scale, meaning their costs are lower - a saving which can be passed on to the consumer.

At IndeJuice, we also provide free nic shots for your shortfill e-liquids regardless of whether you prefer 50ml shortfill sizes or larger 100ml shortfill sized bottles, making it the perfect solution for vapers on a budget.

Ideal for Sub-Ohm Vapers

If you are a sub-ohm vaper, shortfill eliquids can help suit your needs. As most shortfill e-liquids are high VG (70VG and higher), they are perfect for sub-ohm vaping as it takes longer for high VG to be vapourised when compared to PG e-liquids.

As most sub-ohm vapers seek larger cloud production, the high VG nature of shortfill bottles is also ideal for producing large clouds full of flavour with powerful vape kits.

As sub-ohm setups use more juice, the larger 50ml shortfill and 100ml shortfill sizes are more suitable for sub-ohm vapers that vape at higher doses than normal.

Nicotine Free E-Liquid

One of the most popular trends in electronic cigarettes is using nicotine-free liquid. As short fill e-liquids do not have nicotine content, they provide many benefits for those vaping as a form of smoking cessation that gradually comes down in nicotine levels.

By using nic shots, you can control how much nicotine is in your shortfill e-liquid. IndeJuice provides free nicotine shots, so if you are looking to make the change to a healthier lifestyle and want to take it one step at a time, we have got your back.

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