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Top Reviews
Top Pod Salt Reviews
Blue Razapple Ice Nicotine Salt by Pod Salt

"Nice tasting liquid - more raspberry than apple flavour but still really nice especially with the ice hit too"

Wayne G. • Verified Buyer Review • Apr 25th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • Apr 25th 2022
Buy Pod Salt Blue Razapple Ice Nicotine Salt
Cola With Lime Nicotine Salt by Pod Salt

"A great punch on this one , great for people like me who like a strong flavour I'm a repeat buyer"

Julie G. • Verified Buyer Review • Apr 21st 2022
Verified Buyer Review • Apr 21st 2022
Buy Pod Salt Cola With Lime Nicotine Salt
Mixed Berries Ice Nicotine Salt by Pod Salt

"Nice flavour, sweet and refreshing. Will be buying again."

Kathlyn N. • Verified Buyer Review • Apr 19th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • Apr 19th 2022
Buy Pod Salt Mixed Berries Ice Nicotine Salt
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Pod Salt E-Liquids

Pod Salt are an award-winning UK nic salt brand that produces some of the most popular nic salt e-liquid including collaborations with other popular brands. As one of the in-house brands at Xyfil Ltd - one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of e-liquids, you can be assured of the most premium ingredients in your favourite Pod Salt e-juice.

With a range of over 25 nicotine salts and over 350 verified customer reviews, Pod Salt has established itself as one of the best nic salt brands in the UK.

Pod Salt E-Liquid Types

Premium Nicotine Salt

As their brand name suggests, Pod Salt focus exclusively on high-quality nic salt e-liquids. Nic salts are extremely popular when it comes to helping smokers quit smoking thanks to their high nicotine strength options absorbed faster compared to cigarettes.

What makes them different to regular TPD 10ml is the fact that nicotine in nic salts have a significantly smooth throat hit compared to regular TPD e-liquids, hence why they are the preferred e-liquid type for higher MGs providing a greater level of satisfaction than traditional e-cigarettes.

Naturally, it's not just all about the MG. The taste is arguably just as important, if not more so.

Pod Salt Flavours

A few popular Pod Salt flavours include Watermelon Breeze, Blue Berg and Blackcurrant Menthol. Their most popular option by far is Watermelon Breeze with over 30 reviews, a mix of watermelon and ice flavours absolutely perfect for those hot summer days.

Shop Fruity Flavours

Of their 42 intense flavours, the majority of them are a sweet range of fruit e-liquids. Fruit is simply a popular category Pod Salt are known for.

Their range of vape fruit options in the Pod Salt Core range includes apple, blueberry, raspberry, lychee, citrus fruits, blackcurrant, strawberry, acai berry, aloe vera, banana, pomegranate, lemon, cucumber, mango, mix berries and of course a mix of delicious ice and mint variations across the board. Of them all, strawberry, blueberry and mixed berries (incl. blueberry) are sweet options to try, with Raspberry with a generally popular flavour in the world of vaping that all new vapers should give a go.

Shop Pod Salt Fusions

Of all the items in your shopping cart, one or more Pod Salt Fusions should be present to cover the unique e-liquid flavour options on the market. Unlike the majority of e-liquids on the market, Pod Salt Fusions feature blends of popular brands thanks to their collaborations. This includes a mix of fruit flavours from apple to raspberry and desserts from jam to peanut butter granola (not to mention an awesome cola-lime option!).

These brand collaborations include the likes of Yogi for dessert mixes (feat. Banana), Jammin with sweet jam blends, Evil Cloud for a great summer vibe, Reds for a Raz-apple ice flavour, Pacha-Mama with a Strawberry Kiwi Ice fusion, Big Tasty bringing the Cola Lime mix for Lemon and Lime Lovers, Candy Rush with a candy bubblegum rush, and even the Cali Greens brand throwing in the popular Amnesia Mango twist.

Shop Tobacco Flavours

Tobacco options are naturally ticked off in the Pod Salt series. They've hit a home run with 4 tobacco options: Cigarette, Cuban Creme (feat. Vanilla), Havan Gold, and Virginia Tobacco e-juice.

Combined with the fact these are nic salts, this is potentially one the best routes for smokers wishing to quit smoking. The high MG strength combined with the familiar taste of a cigarette makes the switch between the two worlds smoother than ever before. Quitting tobacco with vaping is one that many ex-smokers recommend.

Shop Mint & Menthol Fusions

Alongside tobacco, menthol is also a very popular option among ex-smokers (and of course vapers in general!).

Pod Salt offer 5 different options in this category: Blackcurrant Menthol, Blue Berg (an ice fusion), Ice Menthol, Blue Ice, and Fresh Mint. This provides great options for all types of vapers looking for a smooth nic hit, whether you're looking for mint with a fruit twist, ice blast or just pure menthol!

Compatible Devices

As with all nic salt eliquids, it's highly recommended to use a pod device to vape your salt e-juice. While pod systems are technically useable with high VG liquids, 50/50 VG/PG is the most optimal for a great vaping experience and a superb flavour hit (whether that's menthol, fruit, apple, vanilla or even a mixed fusion).

Shop Pod Salt Now

Summer is in full swing and you know what that means? Pods! That's right, pod flavours are all the rage this season. From sweet fruits to iced drinks, they've got something for everyone. You can even customize them yourself by mixing your own eliquid fusions. So if you haven't checked out Pod Salts e-liquids, then you're definitely missing out.

Free UK Delivery

When you place an order for pod salt e-liquid on the IndeJuice Vape Store website, we take care of all the packaging and shipping logistics so that you can relax and enjoy your purchase. Most importantly, with all Pod Salt orders, free delivery is eligible to all customers with an IndePlus subscription. That also includes same-day dispatch if your order is placed before 2pm, so you can enjoy your Pod Salt eliquid tomorrow if you so wish!

Prime E-Liquids

Potentially the biggest advantage from buying on IndeJuice is the fact that the entire Pod Salt collection is Prime Certified. This means that all Pod Salt ejuices found on IndeJuice Vape Store is TPD verified and guaranteed to be authentic as they are sold directly by MyVapery (owners of Pod Salt).

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