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Our extensive selection of premium vape liquid covers all the best brands, flavours, sizes, strengths and VG/PG ratios. All of our sub-ohm shortfill e-liquids come with free nic shots saving you money with every purchase. For a smoother vape, check out our nic salt collection - the most extensive range of salt liquid in the UK with all major nicotine strengths available. If you prefer to vape freebase nicotine then our 10ml eliquids are a great choice with many multi-buy deals available.

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Apple, Elderflower & Garden Mint Shortfill by Ohm Boy

"Really interesting flavours. Can definitely taste proper garden mint. Never been a fan of elderflower but this really is nice. Flavour really comes through on the exhale. Not an all day vape however as wasn't quite as smooth to inhale after a while but that could just be me."

Stephen R. • Verified Buyer Review • May 23rd 2022
Verified Buyer Review • May 23rd 2022
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Mango Shortfill by Anarchist

"Received foc from Indiejuice as it was the only one they had in stock but was out of the best before date , which in fairness they did advise and said it was up to me if I used or not . So I gave it a go and was happy with the pleasant mango flavour with a cool ice hit , will try a fresh batch before I comment any further"

Brian M. • Verified Buyer Review • May 23rd 2022
Verified Buyer Review • May 23rd 2022
Buy Anarchist Mango Shortfill
Blue Lollipop Shortfill by BOSS

"The IVG blue lollipop is my favourites but it was out of stock. This is one is a good substitute but definitely prefer the IVG one!"

Lisa B. • Verified Buyer Review • May 22nd 2022
Verified Buyer Review • May 22nd 2022
Buy BOSS Blue Lollipop Shortfill
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Buy the best vape juice at IndeJuice UK

Shop over 7000 Premium E-Liquids at IndeJuice with same day dispatch and Unlimited Free Next Day UK Delivery. All our vape liquid is Delivered by Amazon and is fully tracked from our UK warehouse to your doorstep; true high-quality service.

All IndeJuice e-liquids are TPD Compliant and manufactured to the highest standards. All liquid e-juices are supplied directly from the manufacturer with a 100% authenticity guarantee and no risk of dangerous counterfeits for your safety.

Same-Day Dispatch on All E-Liquids

We offer free next day delivery on orders placed before the IndePlus shipping deadline, with same day dispatch as standard. You will find the free delivery countdown timer in a blue box section on every e-liquid UK page.

Same day dispatch on all our e-cig e-Liquids is just one of the many benefits that come with being an IndeJuice customer. We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive prices in the UK, plus a fantastic range of products in every section. Whether you are looking for high-quality premium vape juice brands or a more budget-friendly option, we've got you covered.

Vape Juice Flavours

You can discover a refreshing blend of new vape flavours using our innovative e-liquids search bar at the top of this page. Select your desired flavour (e.g. menthol), nic strength, VG/PG and volume of e-liquid, and we will show you the best e-liquid flavours available.

Browse over 300 e-liquid vape flavour categories, including popular vape juice flavours such as energy drinks, menthol, mint, tobacco, or dessert flavours. We recommend tobacco and menthol for those that have recently switched to vaping.

We have many flavour groups at IndeJuice with over 300 specific flavour tags across multiple VG/PG ratios to help you explore the sheer range of new products available. Here's a list of the most popular e-liquid categories and the top 3 tags for each:

  1. Biscuit

  2. Cake

  3. Doughnut

Candy & Sweets
  1. Bubblegum

  2. Sherbet

  3. Caramel

  1. Chocolate

  2. White Chocolate

  3. Dark Chocolate

  1. Cream

  2. Custard

  3. Ice Cream

  1. Lemonade

  2. Slushie

  3. Fizzy

  1. Jam

  2. Sugar

  3. Honey

  1. Strawberry

  2. Raspberry

  3. Blackcurrant

Lemon & Lime
  1. Lemon

  2. Lime

  3. Pink Lemonade

Mint & Menthol
  1. Menthol

  2. Spearmint

  3. Peppermint

  1. Hazelnut

  2. Almond

  3. Peanut

  1. Marshmallow

  2. Butterscotch

  3. Popcorn

Spices & Herbs
  1. Aniseed

  2. Cinnamon

  3. Eucalyptus

Diverse vape flavours are one of many reasons that people prefer vaping vs smoking. Our range of e-liquids includes vape flavour options (including menthol flavour) that will satisfy your sweet tooth craving whilst simultaneously helping you break the smoking habit.

With hundreds of eliquid flavour options to choose from, IndeJuice truly is the best vape shop online UK to find your perfect flavour for your e-cigarette. E-Liquid Types & VG/PG Available

E-Liquid, commonly referred to as ‘vape juice’, is a mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) vaporised during the use of an e-cigarette. Combined, VG and PG are known as VG/PG. E-Liquids can contain nicotine or can be nicotine-free. Each e-liquid has a unique taste when vaporised due to the wide range of unique blends available.

IndeJuice supplies all popular e-liquid nicotine strengths and VG/PG ratios, including zero nic e-liquids all the way up to 20mg of nicotine strength and 0/100 VG/PG to 100/0 VG/PG. The most popular volumes that we supply include 10ml, 25ml, 50ml and 100ml vape liquids.

The most common VG/PG ratios are 0/100, 30/70, 40/60, 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 and 80/20, with 50VG/50PG and 70VG/30PG being the most popular by far. This covers both high PG e-liquid and high VG e-liquid.

Shortfill E-Liquid Type

Short fill vape liquids are nicotine-free e-liquid that is designed for use with freebase nicotine shots and mod kits. Mix in your nic shots to achieve your desired nicotine strength. This is why shortfill bottles of all sizes are only approximately 80% full to leave room to mix in the nic shot.

IndeJuice offers free nic shots for short fill e-liquid, but you can purchase additional shots if needed; simply add the item to your shopping basket items and mix it into your eliquid.

  • Shortfills are usually larger bottles of high-VG e-liquids with a thicker consistency. VG ratios are generally 70% vegetable glycerine and higher (that's 70/30 VG/PG). Because of the larger bottle size, short fill e liquids provide a more cost-effective way for those who vape to enjoy their favourite flavours (such as menthol).
  • Shortfills are popular amongst ex-smokers who prefer vape liquids that are ideal for sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm vape devices and vape tanks deliver the largest vapour clouds and intense flavour when combined with high VG e-liquids. This type of vaping is also known as direct to lung vaping and is only recommended for advanced sub-ohm vapers familiar with coil setup.

IndeJuice offers a wide range of sub-ohm shortfill e liquids allowing you to find the perfect short fill for you. All short fill e liquids at IndeJuice come with Free UK Delivery, making it easier to enjoy high VG e-liquid with or without a nicotine shot.

If you consider yourself a light smoker and are new to electronic cigarettes, then shortfill bottles or high VG e-liquids may not be the right choice for you. As a general rule, it would be best to consider starting with e-liquid higher in PG, such as freebase or nic salt e-liquid. These are popular choices for vapers trying to reduce their reliance on cigarettes as the throat hit of high PG e-liquid is similar to a traditional cigarette.

Regular (Freebase) TPD 10mls

Freebase nicotine is the traditional type of nic contained in e-liquids. It is created by extracting freebase nicotine from tobacco then adding it to a solution of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

This type of e-liquid is best suited for those who want an intense throat hit. Those who regularly use cigarettes often seek an e-liquid vape experience as close to smoking as possible. Regular 10ml nicotine e-liquid provides a consistent 50/50 e-liquid hit in a variety of tastes.

This category of e-liquid is commonly referred to as "TPD 10mls":

  • This is in reference to the name of the legislation that regulates the sale and use of tobacco products within the EU. These types of e-liquid have become widely popular because of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and have been named this way ever since.
  • The Tobacco Products Directive governs the whole range of tobacco or nicotine products. It was passed in May 2016. The directive limits the amount of nic that an e-liquid bottle can contain to a maximum of 20mg. It also limits nic e liquids to a maximum volume of 10ml.

IndeJuice offers over 1,000 TPD Compliant 10ml nicotine e-liquid flavour options for online purchase with Free UK Delivery. Enjoy a range of nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and more, as well as the most common 50/50 VG-PG nic salt format. It's just one click to add that perfect item to your shopping cart items.

Nic Salt Vape Liquid

Nicotine salts are different from regular nicotine as they provide a smoother hit for those who want higher strengths of nicotine without the harshness of regular nicotine. Nic salts come from tobacco leaves and are more readily absorbed into the bloodstream, giving you a faster nicotine release.

When choosing a nic salt vape liquid, you have to know your starting nicotine level based on how many cigarettes you smoke per day. The nicotine strength of these liquids usually ranges from 5mg to 20mg per ml. All nic salts come in 10ml quantities, perfect for pod devices.

The most common VG/PG for nic salts is 50/50, meaning that they have a thinner consistency than shortfills and therefore produce less vapour due to the high PG ratio.

IndeJuice has 1,000+ nic salts available for purchase with Free UK Delivery on all orders. Choose from hundreds of flavour groups, including fruit, dessert and even tobacco flavourings in a nicotine strength that is perfect for you and your pod mods or pod kits.

Concentrates E-Liquid Range

Our DIY liquid range includes options for those looking to make their own DIY eliquid flavour for their e-cig with specialist concentrates. Unlike high VG e-liquids, this concentrates e-liquid range includes mainly PG based flavouring with zero nic strength.

We don’t recommend this option to beginners to e-cigarettes as it can be difficult to create an accurate flavour and nicotine strength without using the correct balance of ingredients. This is because DIY vape liquid production involves using concentrates mixed with an appropriate carrier liquid to create new flavours.

E-Liquid Brands
  • With over 450 e-liquid brands available at IndeJuice, including the most famous brands such as Vampire Vape, IVG, Riot Squad and Nasty Juice, we have simplified the process of shopping for your next e-liquid. We recommend taking a look at our Top 10 E-Liquid Brands list for new recommendations that are updated every 24 hours.
  • Some e-liquid brands choose to focus on high VG e-liquid, and others on high PG e-liquids. Regardless of your preference, IndeJuice certainly has the perfect vape juice brand for you, with a massive range of brands available.
E-Liquid Reviews
  • Many vapers often struggle when they first want to switch to vaping or choose e-liquid due to the overwhelming choices available. This is where our flavour reviews come in.
  • With these reviews, you can look at the most popular e-liquid flavour options and see what other people think about them; menthol, blue raspberry, red berries, citrus, watermelon, fruits, mango and more. This is a great way to find new flavour recommendations that will satisfy your taste buds by looking at unique blends similar in taste and style to your favourite brands of vaping products.
  • IndeJuice has the largest collection of vape juice flavour reviews for you to browse. Read real customer reviews before buying vape liquid online by checking out our E-Liquid Verified Reviews page. This shows over 25,000 authentic and unbiased customer reviews on the best e-liquids in the UK.
What is best e-liquid?
  • If you want the best vaping experience with vape juice, you must find what works best for you and your vape kit. No one size fits all in vaping, and this philosophy sets IndeJuice apart from other suppliers of e-liquid.
  • As well as supplying the most popular liquids, we also have a team of e-liquid vape experts on hand that are ready to answer any questions about vaping or help you pick out one of the many flavours we offer.
  • You may want to try lower nicotine strengths for use with starter kits or a delicious blend of either premium or cheap e-liquids that are perfect for everyday vaping. Whatever your needs, we certainly have the e-liquid you need to get the most out of your e-cigarette kits and make your vape experience a success.
What is PG (Propylene Glycol) in vape juices?
  • PG is a thin carrier liquid that is used in e-liquids. It produces less vapour than VG (vegetable glycerine) and is the most common ingredient in vape juice, with a PG/VG ratio of 50/50.
  • PG is a flavourless and odourless, mostly organic compound. It also has no colour or taste to it. PG carries the flavour mixture much more effectively than VG as it is a thinner liquid.
  • PG is commonly used by mouth to lung vapers as part of their all-day vape setup. It is also popular amongst heavy smokers as the texture of the vapour feels similar to cigarette smoke and helps users stop smoking.
  • If you prefer thick clouds, you should opt for a higher VG ratio when considering PG-VG options. Our flavour shop sells higher ratio PG and VG based liquids at an unbeatable price for use with your vape tank and vape kits.
  • PG is always measured against VG, always as VG/PG. This VG/PG ratio can be used when shopping to find a liquid (including salt e-liquids) with your desired cloud thickness; remember, the higher the VG/PG, the thicker the clouds. Nicotine salt e-liquids are often balanced at 50/50.
How long does eliquid last?
  • Depending on the wattage set on your vape device and how frequently you use it, vape liquid will generally last you between two days to one week.
  • As sub-ohm devices (such as box mods with sub-ohm vape tanks) use more power than starter kits, they will use more vape liquid more quickly. This is irrespective of whether the range of e-juice being used contains nic or is nicotine free.
  • Therefore, it is recommended that sub-ohm users keep extra liquid e-juice on hand, as they will need to refill more frequently than those that use liquid nicotine salt combined with a low-powered device.
  • If you use nic salt liquid with a low powered device, you can expect your new e-liquids to last approximately one week, depending on the power of your device. This is because those using higher nic eliquids tend to vape less to achieve the same satisfaction as those using 50ml eliquids with a sub-ohm device.
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eLiquids in Stock
  • You can find all high-quality items in stock as you shop, browse and checkout on our online store. Searches using the filter are the easiest way to discover that perfect product (e.g. Dinner Lady Lemon Tart 18mg Salt Nicotine).
  • Remember, the search filter tool enables every customer to filter down to very specific requirements, whether it's by eliquid type (e.g. salt nicotine), flavours (e.g. menthol, citrus, watermelon, mango, blue raspberry, dessert flavour) or nicotine (e.g. 10mg or 18mg). You can further sort the product results by price or popularity. All sort options will show items in stock first.
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