There are 1 flavour variations of Hazelnut disposables across 1 products. Across them all, they have scored an average of 4.3 stars.

Exclusive to IndeJuice, 50 vapers have rated & reviewed Hazelnut disposable vapes based on flavour accuracy, quality and how likely they are to recommend it. Below you'll find the top 1 Hazelnut flavours of disposable products ranked in order of popularity as voted for by the vaping community, featuring authentic reviews from vapers themselves.

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1. Fizzy Juice Hazelnut Coffee Disposable Vape

4.3 Stars Scored By 50 Vapers

The most popular disposable with Hazelnut flavour as voted by vapers is Fizzy Juice Hazelnut Coffee. It has an average score of 4.3 stars, voted for by 50 vapers. It features a mix of Coffee, Cream and Hazelnut flavours, for which you can find authentic reviews of below.

Hazelnut Coffee
 Hazelnut Coffee Disposable Vape
 Hazelnut Coffee Disposable Vape

"Absolutely love this flavour!!! Such a deepintense flavour, you get a strong hit of coffee combined with s real sense of hazelnut. I find myself craving for this flavou well after its finished. I also love that that it is available in different strengths,my personal favourite being 10mg, it's not too harsh, I'm able to comfortably enjoy it without giving myself a sore throat in the process.Alsoim not a heavysmoker hence another reason I prefer the 10mg. Definitely worth a try I guarantee you will not regret it!" - Nancy F.

"Very nice flavouring, last until the end. Although I have had some issues with some of the disposable pens, some run out really quickly & I’ve even had a couple that were dead before even being used. Also the pink lemonade ones say guava sangria in them, not an issue for me but just confusing haha." - Soe L.

"Fizzy disposables are among my favourites. I enjoy all of the flavours. But this one is my least favourite flavour, because its quite bitter and I'm used to sweet vapes, and sweet coffee. However, I still enjoy it, I just have to alternate it with another vape, I can't use this one all day." - Kirsty L.

"I really like this hazelnut coffee flavour. At first I thought it was a little too sweet and sickly but I've found it goes really well with my coffee, and it's very different to any other flavours I've tried. I've already ordered some more." - Emma R.

"Good flavour, not too sickly (for a vape). Doesn't last quite as long as a brand name vape and the packaging doesn't exactly suggest 'quality' but great for the price." - Sanjay P.

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