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Raspberry Bubblegum Disposable by Drip Bar

"Love anything berry flavoured - this vape was also the perfect strength"

Ayesha K. • Verified Buyer Review • Nov 21st 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Nov 21st 2021
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Black Cherry Raspberry Disposable by Drip Bar

"Love!! Nice mix of the sweetness and bitterness of both the cherry and raspberry"

Rachel B. • Verified Buyer Review • Nov 8th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Nov 8th 2021
Buy Drip Bar Black Cherry Raspberry Disposable
Black Cherry & Strawberry Disposable by Drip Bar

"Love!! Tastes amazing, very fresh flavour. Nice mix of the sweet strawberry and cherry"

Rachel B. • Verified Buyer Review • Nov 8th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Nov 8th 2021
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Dripbar Vape - Free UK Delivery

The Dripbar disposable vape kit is a gorgeous disposable vape device made by the UK company Liqua Vape (Company Reg No 09503312).

The Dripbar is available on IndeJuice in 12 uniquely beautiful fruit and delicious flavours as part of our disposable e-cigarette collection. IndeJuice offers Free UK Delivery on all Dripbars and Unlimited FREE Next Day Delivery for all IndePlus members.

You can buy 1 x Drip Bar for £5.99 or 4 for £17.95 when you buy it as a multipack.

What Is A Dripbar Disposable Vape Kit?

Disposables such as the Dripbar disposable vape kit are a great way to get off smoking cigarettes as they are an easy way to achieve a nicotine hit without smoking. With their ease of use, compact design and zero maintenance requirements, these vape bars are the best smoking cessation products you can buy.

Like the popular ElfBars, the Dripbar disposable vape pen has no physical buttons. Once you take it out of its packaging, you are ready to begin your vaping journey. You simply dispose of the device when you are finished.

The Dripbar disposable vape kit offers over 12 succulent, mouth-watering vape flavours to choose from, making it a popular choice. From delicious flavours with a sweet and tangy blend such as black cherry raspberry to a deliciously sweet flavour such as super refreshing watermelon sour apple, a delightful fruit infusion.

How Does Does the Dripbar Disposable Vape Device Work

The Drip-bar disposable vape pen is a streamlined and straightforward device to use once purchased. It contains an internal pre-charged battery, which is non-rechargeable. It comes pre-filled with flavoured nicotine salt e-liquid and a coil, which heats the nicotine salt e-liquid to allow you to vape.

The Dripbar disposable vape kit is a fantastic way to start your vaping journey as they use nicotine salt instead of traditional freebase nicotine to replicate the smoking cessation. Nicotine salts provide a smooth vape with and dense flavour alongside a high nicotine strength.

Dripbar Disposable - Design

The Dripbar disposable kit is a highly streamlined, modern-looking disposable. It is lightweight and small enough to fit into your trouser pockets or small handbag, making it ideal for carrying around on a day to day basis or even at an event.

The Dripbar disposable vape kit has an inbuilt mouthpiece and no separate parts.

The Dripbar disposable vape kit is comfortable to hold and fits straight into the palm of your hand.

Dripbar Dimensions: 102mm x 25mm x 25mm

The Dripbar Features

Each Dripbar disposable device has an internal battery of 550mAh, 2ml e-liquid and 600 puffs. The e-liquid used in each device is a flavoured nicotine salt that is 20mg strength. The VG/PG of the Dripbar is 50/50.

With no physical buttons or on/off switches, the Dripbar is easy to use. It is activated by inhalation allowing you to use the disposable vape device straight away.

The Dripbar LED Light

The Dripbar has a LED light at the bottom of the device that continuously flashes when you are vaping. The Dripbar will stop working when the LED light flashes repeatedly - this continuous flashing means it is time to dispose of your Dripbar.

What is the Dripbar puff count?

Each Dripbar device lasts for approximately 600 puffs before it reaches the end of its product lifespan.

Dripbar Flavours

The Dripbar disposable device is available on IndeJuice with a combination of great deals. the Dripbar have you covered, whether you enjoy succulent blackcurrant juice or a zingy passion fruit flavour, there's a flavour for you.

The Dripbar disposable comes in 12 exquisite flavours for consumers to choose from. Thanks to IndeJuice's unique collaborative filtering based on our customer reviews, we recommend the following flavours as a must-try product:

Lychee (600 Puffs)

This vape tastes like simply exotic lychee fruit bursting with sweet goodness, topped of with just the perfect amount of ice for a mouth blowing flavour - an absolute classic for a hot summers day.

Neon Lime Ice (600 Puffs)

Neon Lime Ice is a gorgeous citrus flavour vape. It includes perfectly ripe mouth-watering lime with a cooling blast to finish it off.

Mango Guava Slush (600 Puffs)

Mango, Guava Slush is a totally tropical combination. This exotic taste will leave your taste buds dancing after every vape. A fresh blend of ripe mangos, similar to that of Mango Ice, finished off with a cooling touch.

Black Cherry Strawberry (600 Puffs)

Black Cherry Strawberry is definitely an all-day vape. Combining two bold cherry flavours to give you a gorgeously sweet vape.

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