Disposable vapes are the simplest and most convenient option for vaping. IndeJuice stocks the largest range of disposable vapes online from the world's top brands for a fuss-free, convenient and great-tasting vaping experience. Whether you're a new vaper or looking for a more stealthy solution, we've got the perfect disposable vape for you.

Elf Bar, Lost Mary, Geek Bar, Aroma King and Dinner Lady vape pens are just some of the great brands we stock – with something to suit everyone's taste. Our disposable vapes come in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavours so that you can find the right one for you.

Disposable vape bars come in many different flavours. Whether you're looking for a classic tobacco taste, something fruity or a cooling minty flavour, whatever your flavour preference, we're sure to have your ideal disposable vape. Check out our Best Disposable Vape 2022 Review for the latest top picks if you would like a recommendation.

As well as many disposable vape multi-buy deals, IndeJuice also offers Free UK Delivery and same day dispatch as standard. All orders are fully tracked so you can be sure your vape arrives quickly and safely.

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Cheap Disposable Vapes

Top Disposable Vape Kit Discounts
4 for £18.95

Elf Bar Disposable Vape Multipack Deal

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Limited Time Only
4 for £18.95

Lost Mary Disposable Vape Multipack Deal

Shop Lost Mary
Limited Time Only
4 for £21.95

Geek Bar Disposable Vape Multipack Deal

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4 for £18

Elux Vape Disposable Vape Multipack Deal

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Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Multipack Deal

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Disposable E-Cig Flavours

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Candy & Sweets
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Top Disposable Vape Pen Brands

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Elf Bar Disposable Vape
4.6 Stars • 6462 Reviews
Fizzy Juice Disposable Vape
4.6 Stars • 978 Reviews
Aroma King Disposable Vape
4.6 Stars • 1512 Reviews
SKE Crystal Disposable Vape
4.9 Stars • 58 Reviews
Elux Vape Disposable Vape
4.5 Stars • 312 Reviews
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Latest Verified Reviews

Disposable Vape Pens

Pink Lemonade Disposable by Fizzy Juice

"Pleasantly surprised with Fizzy Juice disposables. I expected these to taste 'cheap' and not last. I was completely wrong, the flavours were very nice, and lasted nearly all the way through to the last puff. Always loved Pink Lemonade and this does not disappoint!!! Recommend you try them whilst on sale, bargain!"

Roxy K. • Verified Buyer Review • May 25th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • May 25th 2022
Buy Fizzy Juice Pink Lemonade Disposable
Sour Apple Disposable by Power Bar

"Amazing taste I will definitely be buying again"

Chris B. • Verified Buyer Review • May 24th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • May 24th 2022
Buy Power Bar Sour Apple Disposable
Blue Razz Lemonade Disposable by Elux Vape

"Good flavour , decent puffs aswell I recommend"

Jasmine J. • Verified Buyer Review • May 24th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • May 24th 2022
Buy Elux Vape Blue Razz Lemonade Disposable
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All Disposable Vape Brands

Disposable Vapes Online - UK Free Next Day Delivery

IndeJuice is the best online retailer of disposable vapes in the UK. The IndeJuice online vape store stocks cheap, mid-range or high-end disposables at the best price. IndeJuice offers a vast range of multi-buy deals, allowing you to experience the widest range of flavours.

All of our disposable vape kits come with UK Free Delivery. We pride ourselves on the fastest Free Delivery in the UK for all orders in your shopping cart.

IndeJuice offers an affordable way to try out lots of different kinds of cheap disposable vapes. Enjoy the UK's best disposable deals with our multipack deals at lower prices.

Multi-Buy Deals

IndeJuice has the world's largest collection of disposable vape pens with pre-filled nicotine salt e-liquid. We have the UK's cheapest disposable e-cigarette multipack deals with Free UK Delivery on discount items.

Our cheap vapes come in a variety of flavoured nicotine salts pre-filled in disposable kit devices. Popular flavours include strawberry ice, banana ice, cream tobacco, green apple and blue raspberry. Save money on the best disposable kit devices pre-filled with e-liquid with our wide range of multi-buy vape deals.

Our disposable multi-buy vape kits are 100% genuine and include the best inhale activation. Discover a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes at the best price.

TPD Compliant

Our entire range of disposable vapes is Prime Certified. This means that all options on our website come with a 100% authenticity guarantee and are TPD compliant. We believe that safety should not depend on price. That's why we make sure that all flavour options are compliant before they become available in our online shop.

It's important to stay safe with disposable kits. Safety is our number one priority at IndeJuice and throughout our website.

Popular Disposable Vape Devices

We stock the best disposable vape brands on IndeJuice. These include Beco Bar Disposables, Geek Bar Disposables, ELF Bar Disposables and Aroma King Vapes. All options come with same day dispatch and Free Delivery as standard.


Geek Bar disposables have become popular due to the vaping style that vapers enjoy with the sleek Geek Bar Design.

Geek Bar has many device flavours that you might like. You can buy menthol, bubblegum ice, mixed fruit flavour and other types of low VG bestsellers.

Beco/Puff Bar

Beco Bars (also known as Puff Bars) have become popular due to the slimmed-down design. Beco Bars slide into your pocket and pack great flavour at 50 VG.

The convenient Beco Bar vape device lasts for around 300 puffs of vaping. It is ready to vape the moment you open the box with fantastic cloud production. Simply replace it with another disposable vapour device when it runs out.

Dinner Lady

The legendary e-liquids of Dinner Lady are well-known. The same low VG flavours are now available in disposable pod kits. This allows new and existing vapers to enjoy Dinner Lady disposables with ease.

Dinner Lady has some of the best disposable e-cigs on the market with 400 puffs and many flavours to choose from. The premium aluminium design with a sleek metallic finish is unique. The inhale activated 350mAh battery is ideal for ultimate convenience.

Variety of Vaping Strengths

IndeJuice stocks the most popular nic strengths for disposable pod vape devices. We have higher nicotine strength disposables such as 20mg or lower strengths and even nic-free vape kits.

What are disposable vape kits? 

Disposable vapes are pre-charged, pre-filled enclosed vape pod systems. They contain everything you need to vape in a single-use vape device.

What's inside?

Inside a disposable pod system are an enclosed non-rechargeable battery and an enclosed cartridge. Each disposable is pre-filled with nic salt e-liquid.

Disposables provide a consistent vaping experience as you need a new disposable vape when you run out of battery.

How do I use disposable vape kits?

Disposable vapes are inhale activated and do not require you to push any buttons to switch them on. This is different to non-disposable vape kits. Once you have unboxed your order, remove any protective caps or covers. Then, simply inhale mouth to lung (MTL) as you would with a normal cigarette.

MTL Inhale

Inhale activated disposable kits work using an airflow detector built into the device. Once the device has been inhale-activated, it begins to heat the coil. This vapourises the salt nicotine e-liquid contained within the chamber.

What are the benefits of disposable vape pen pod kits?

The best thing about disposables vapes is the convenience that they offer over regular e-cigarettes. With disposable vape pens, you do not have to replace the coil, charge the battery, or buy replacement pods. Simply take the device out of the packaging and begin vaping instantly.

Disposable devices come in a wide range of e-liquid flavours. These include popular such as pink lemonade and blueberry ice. Disposables provide more discreet cloud production than tobacco cigarettes.

No Buttons

Disposable vapes are MTL inhale activated. In other words, you don't need to push any buttons to activate the device. Once the disposable has run out, simply throw the entire device away.

Great for those on the go

Disposable vapes are great for nights outs or when you are in a rush. Unlike a normal vape kit, you don't have the hassle of changing out an atomiser or battery.

In addition, disposable vapes are a great backup device or spare vape kit to a primary pod kit.

How long does a disposable vape pen last?

One disposable device lasts as long as 48 cigarettes (approximately 600 puffs). This is dependent on how often you take an MTL drag from the device.

What are puffs?

The lifespan of all disposables is measured in puffs. This includes the pre-filled and non-refillable Elf Bars, Geek Bars and Nasty Juice disposable e-cigs.

You calculate the number of puffs using the battery size and millilitre capacity of the inbuilt pod. This calculation gives the total number of how many puffs you can expect. Disposable pod systems tend to contain 2% salt nic (20mg), giving you the most amount of nic and puffs possible.

Should I use a disposable vape?

Most disposable e-cigarettes are nicotine products and should only be used by adults seeking to quit smoking. They contain a highly addictive substance regardless of whether in tobacco or a vape disposable.

Great for Quitting Tobacco Smoke

If you are an adult that has struggled to quit smoking, we recommend giving a disposable vape a try. Disposable devices are a healthier alternative and a convenient solution when trying to quit smoking. They provide a sensation and throat hit that is similar to smoking cigarettes.

If you are a vaper, then disposable vape pods might come in handy. For instance, if you are looking for an alternative vape system for travelling, nights out, or keeping in the car. Disposables offer this convenience without the requirement of additional e-liquid.

What type of e-liquid is in a disposable vape device?

The main e-liquid types in disposable e-cigarettes are nic salts. The main advantage of nicotine salt e-liquid is that they provide a smooth throat hit at higher nicotine strengths. This makes the transition easier for those wanting to stop smoking and start vaping MTL with nic salts.

A disposable e-cig comes ready to vape as it is pre-filled with nic salt juice.

Why 20mg Nicotine Salts?

A disposable vape device has a short lifespan compared to reusable mod and tank products. It lasts between 300-600 puffs (around 24 to 48 cigarettes).

Because of this short lifespan, pre-filled low VG nic salts are used in disposables. This is because they can provide the highest strength with the smoothest delivery and cloud production. The maximum nic concentration permitted for all UK nic salts is 20mg regardless of flavour ingredients.

Nic Free Vaping Options

Nic-free disposable vapes are MTL and contain low VG flavoured e-liquid. This is helpful if you're seeking to quit tobacco or cigarettes as they allow you to stop using nic.

Zero nic disposable vapes are inhale activated and work the same way as nic salt disposables.

Are disposable vapes legal?

Yes. Disposables that have been notified to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are legal. You can check the published official MHRA tobacco or nicotine products list free of charge. This list will show whether the disposable is legal to be sold in the UK.

Unit Submission to MHRA

All legal products submitted to the MHRA have an e-cig identification number known as an ECID. This is printed on the packaging of the devices next to the battery capacity information.

Maximum Legal Strength

Vape UK law only allows a maximum of 20mg/ml. All disposable vape kits and e-cigarette products that hold nic e-liquid are limited to a maximum capacity of 2ml. This is why single-use vape kit devices sold in a UK store are much smaller than those sold in the USA, where vaper regulations for cigarettes and tobacco alternatives have fallen behind.

The smaller size of disposables in the UK means that the battery is usually quite small, and the number of puffs is unlikely to exceed 800 puffs. This is because of the legal 2ml e-liquid capacity limit that applies to nic salt e-liquids and all other juices regardless of flavour.

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