What Colour Should Vape Juice Be?

Published July 25th 2022
Ever wondered why the vape juice you've been using has a noticeable colour change? Let's take a closer look!

What Colour Should Vape Juice Be?

Most brand-new vape juice will be a clear liquid and may or may not have a slight yellow colour to it. As the vape juice starts to mature or 'steep' as it is known in the vape industry, you will notice that the juice will become a darker shade of yellow and even dark orange. The juices containing higher nicotine concentrates will noticeably change to a darker colour quicker.

One of the main reasons that eliquid will start to change colour is due to something called oxidisation; when the nicotine inside of the liquid is exposed to oxygen, the juice will begin to oxidise, which results in the liquid becoming a darker colour to what it originally was and this is entirely normal for vape juices to do this.

Why Has My Vape Juice Changed Colour?

On most occasions, when a vape juice starts to change colour or become a darker shade, it is because of a completely normal and natural process known widely as Oxidization.

When nicotine is exposed to the oxygen in the air, the colour of the juice will begin to become darker, which is what oxidisation is. There is not a huge amount you can do to avoid this, as you will regularly have to open your bottle of vape juice to refill any tanks or pods.

Many manufacturers and veteran vapers will encourage the oxidisation process if they like to steep their liquids. Steeping your liquids or leaving them to sit in a room with the cap off for a while will encourage oxidisation, shaking, correct storage and even heating; this can potentially increase the amount of flavour produced by the liquid.

Is It Safe To Vape Dark Juice?

Yes, Vaping a liquid that has become a darker colour is not generally a cause for concern. When e-liquids that contain nicotine are exposed to oxygen in the air, a process called oxidisation begins to happen, which can cause the vape juice to become a dark shade of yellow or orange.

Unfortunately, you can't do anything to avoid oxidation happening as it is an entirely natural process. But storing unopened bottles of vape juice in a cool, dry place may potentially slow the process down.

Why Did My Clear Vape Juice Turn Orange?

The main reason e-liquids change from a clear liquid to an orange juice or a darker shade than what it originally was is due to a chemical reaction known as oxidisation.

Nicotine is a reactive chemical that, when exposed to oxygen or, in some cases, light, can cause your vape juice to react and turn the liquid into a dark orange colour.

Whether the reason for your vape juice going darker is caused by oxidation or not, a change in the colour of vape juice is nothing to be worried about, as this is a natural process. It's a very common occurrence, and if you noticed that this has never happened to you before, it's probably down to the fact that you have been using nicotine-free juices or PG-based liquids that come in a clear liquid.

Why Did My Vape Juice Turn Blue?

Unless you have purchased a liquid manufactured to be blue, your vape juice should not be blue in colour. There are a few possible reasons for a blue colour, such as the effect of UV light on the liquid or the use of a previous blue liquid in your tank.

When liquids that contain nicotine are exposed to the oxygen in the air, a natural process called oxidisation happens, which can begin to make the juice turn a darker shade over time; in most cases, these juices will start to become a darker shade of yellow or orange, not blue.

While conclusive reasons are unknown at this stage, vape juice turning blue over time could be the effect of sunlight/UV that's caused the juice to look blueish when particular sunlight is going through the bottle of e-liquid.

Another possible reason for this may be that you previously used a blue-coloured juice and did not clean out the tank or pod properly, resulting in the residue of the blue liquid leaking into the new liquid, giving it a slight blue tint.

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