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True Mix Soda Seriously By Doozy Shortfill E-Liquid

★★★★★★★★★★2 Reviews • 4.50/5

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Image of True Mix Soda by Seriously By Doozy
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A unique blend of Fruits with a Tangy Twist.

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Reviews for True Mix Soda

★★★★★★★★★★2 Reviews • 4.50/5
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2 Customer Reviewsfor True Mix Soda

I recently tried True Mix Soda vape juice, and overall, it left me with a mixed but generally positive impression. The flavour profile, which aims to replicate the fizzy goodness of soda, had its merits, but some aspects fell short of my expectations. One of the standout features of True Mix Soda is its refreshing quality. The blend captures a crisp and effervescent sensation that mimics the experience of sipping on a cold soda. The initial inhale delivers a burst of carbonation, which adds a lively and invigorating element to the vaping experience. If you enjoy a zesty and revitalizing vape, this aspect of True Mix Soda is likely to appeal to you. The soda flavour itself is pleasant, offering a balanced combination of sweetness and tanginess. It doesn't lean too heavily towards an artificial taste, which is a positive aspect. The subtle hints of citrus and other fruity notes contribute to the complexity of the overall flavour, making it an enjoyable option for those who appreciate a layered vape experience. On the downside, I found that the sweetness could be a bit overwhelming for an all-day vape. While it may satisfy those with a sweet tooth, I prefer a more subdued sweetness in my daily vape. Additionally, the soda flavour, while authentic, might lack the depth that some vapers seek in a more complex e-liquid. The throat hit with True Mix Soda was moderate, providing a satisfying sensation without being overly harsh. Vapour production was decent, and the aroma was pleasant, leaving a subtle scent of soda lingering in the air. In conclusion, True Mix Soda vape juice offers a decent rendition of a fizzy, soda-inspired vape. It's a suitable option for those looking for a refreshing and lively flavour, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea, especially if you prefer more subtle sweetness or a more intricate flavour profile.

Oscar P.

Verified Buyer Review

Feb 14th 2024

Perfect taste and it lasts for ages, it just keeps going. Defo a way to go to save funds

Shaun B.

Verified Buyer Review

May 3rd 2023