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Just Juice Shortfill E-Liquids

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Just Juice shortfill e-liquids are a range of delicious, fruity flavours manufactured in the UK and designed for sub-ohm vaping devices. These 50ml and 100ml shortfills contain 0mg of nicotine with the space to add nicotine shots for a total max strength of 3mg. Featuring easy-squeeze bottles, these Just Juice e-liquids make refilling vape tanks quick and straightforward.

Crafted from high-quality, less allergenic ingredients for a smooth throat hit, Just Juice e-liquid aims to deliver some of the tastiest fruit flavours through flavours like Apple & Pear On Ice, exotic Guanabana & Lime On Ice, and classic Lemonade.


FAQs About Just Juice Shortfill E-Liquids

What flavours are available in the Just Juice shortfill range?

The Just Juice shortfill range includes a wide selection of mouth-watering fruit and menthol flavours to suit all tastes. Best-selling flavour options include:

  • Apple & Pear On Ice (Iconic Range) - A refreshing blend of juicy apple and sweet pear, chilled with a blast of cooling ice.
  • Guanabana & Lime On Ice (Exotic Fruits Range) - An exotic fusion of Guanabana fruit and zesty lime, served over ice for an invigorating chill.
  • Lemonade (Iconic Range) - A classic thirst-quenching lemonade flavour. Sweet and tangy, just like the real thing.

Just Juice shortfills offer fantastic fruity flavours like Berry Burst, Mango & Passion Fruit and Wild Berries & Aniseed Ice. So whether you prefer traditional favourites or exotic new blends, our diverse Just Juice range has something to enjoy.

What are Just Juice shortfill e-liquids made from?

Just Juice shortfill e-liquids are crafted from high quality, smooth tasting ingredients that are designed to be less allergenic compared to other e-liquids. Made from carefully selected vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and flavourings, Just Juice shortfills deliver an enjoyable vaping experience with a gentle throat hit.

The key benefit for you is that you can enjoy delicious fruit flavours without harshness. The smooth 70VG/30PG blend creates dense, flavoursome vapour that is kinder on your throat. And as the shortfills contain no nicotine initially, it allows you to create your ideal nicotine level by adding nic shots. This gives you full control over the nicotine strength and throat hit to suit your preferences.

As with all shortfills at IndeJuice, we provide free nicotine shots with every order.

Are Just Juice shortfill bottles easy to use?

Yes, the 50ml and 100ml Just Juice shortfill bottles are specially designed for straightforward filling of your vape tank. They come in soft, squeezy plastic bottles that make it easy to control the flow when topping up. The nozzle has been crafted to fit most tank openings neatly for quick, mess-free refilling.

The key benefit for you is convenience. No more wrestling with stiff bottles or messy spills. The Just Juice bottles allow you to swiftly top up your vaping device with your preferred fruity flavours whenever you need to.

How should I vape Just Juice shortfill e-liquids?

As they are high VG, Just Juice shortfills work best with sub-ohm tanks and devices designed for direct-to-lung vaping. The dense vapour production and smooth throat hit make these e-liquids ideal for sub-ohm vaping between 40-80W. You can vape them as they are for a nicotine-free experience or add 1-2 nicotine shots to create your desired nicotine strength.

Prefer MTL vaping? We've got you covered with the same outstanding flavours in Just Juice nic salts and Just Juice 10ml e-liquids, delivering a more balanced 50/50 VG/PG ratio that works superbly with MTL pod vape kits.

Are Just Juice shortfill e-liquids compliant?

All Just Juice shortfill e-liquid products conform fully to TPD regulations on nicotine vaping products in the EU and UK. As nicotine-free formulations, the 50ml and 100ml shortfill bottles comply with the maximum capacities set for e-liquids. Child-resistant caps and tamper-proof seals provide further safety compliance.

Clear ingredient labelling, safety warnings and measurements bring the shortfill bottles in line with all other TPD stipulations. So you can enjoy Just Juice e-liquids with confidence in their regulatory status.