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Double Drip Nic Salt E-Liquids

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Double Drip nic salts are intensely flavoursome e-liquids featuring menthol, dessert, tobacco, fruit, and sherbet flavours. Made by UK-based manufacturer Vapouriz Labs with a unique nicotine salt vape juice formula, Double Drip salts provide a stronger, more potent nicotine hit while staying silky-smooth on your throat.

As part of the Double Drip Coil Sauce e-liquid range, Double Drip nic salt flavour options include best-selling flavours like Raspberry Sherbet, a fizzy and fruity concoction of sherbet and freshly picked raspberries, and Cherry Bakewell, a blend of crisp, buttery pastry and light, fluffy sponge cake layered with sugary-sweet icing, tangy raspberry jam and rich notes of cherry.

Signature Double Drip nic salt flavours include Blue Slush, Menthol Mist, Mango Raspberry Ice Cream, Rainbow Sherbet, Lemon Sherbet and Super Berry Sherbet.

Available in nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg, each Double Drip nicotine salt e-liquid comes in a 10ml bottle and features a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. Best paired with mouth-to-lung (MTL) starter vape kits, compact pod vape kits, and pen vape kits, Double Drip salt nicotine produces a smooth throat hit and quickly satisfies nicotine cravings.

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FAQs About Double Drip Nic Salt E-Liquids

What nicotine strengths are Double Drip nic salt e-liquids available in?

For flexibility and choice, Double Drip nic salts come in two different nicotine strength options at IndeJuice - 10mg and 20mg. The 10mg strength is ideal for lighter smokers looking for a moderate nicotine hit. While the 20mg option is perfect for heavier, more established smokers who need a stronger throat hit and nic satisfaction.

The innovative nic salt formula provides faster nicotine absorption compared to freebase nicotine e-liquids. So you get a near instant nicotine rush that curbs even the strongest cravings. This makes Double Drip nic salt e-liquids perfect for smokers transitioning to vaping who don't want to compromise on throat hit and nic delivery.

How does the vaping experience of Double Drip nicotine salts compare to freebase e-liquids?

Double Drip nicotine salts provide several key advantages for vapers compared to traditional freebase nicotine e-liquids:

  • They deliver a stronger, more potent nicotine hit thanks to the faster absorption of nic salts.
  • The smooth nic salt formula allows Double Drip e-liquids to stay silky-smooth on your throat, avoiding the harshness of high strength freebase.
  • You get deeper nicotine satisfaction without compromising on flavour, making them ideal for heavy smokers.
  • The higher nic strength means you can vape less but still get the nic satisfaction you need.

Ultimately, Double Drip nicotine salts offer a smoother, more satisfying experience compared to freebase e-liquids. Allowing you to curb nicotine cravings faster while enjoying their stellar flavours to the fullest.

What is the VG/PG ratio of Double Drip salts?

All Double Drip salts stocked at IndeJuice have a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. This provides the ideal balance between rich vapour clouds and superb flavour delivery for a satisfying vape.

The 50% vegetable glycerin (VG) creates moderate clouds to mimic the visual satisfaction of smoking. While the 50% propylene glycol (PG) efficiently carries the nicotine hit and exceptional Double Drip flavours straight to your taste buds.

Ultimately, the balanced 50/50 VG/PG blend allows you to enjoy the moderate cloud production you want without compromising the flavour or throat hit. As with all our nic salts at IndeJuice, this blend is perfect for discreet vapour production and flavour chasing.

What types of vape devices is Double Drip salt nicotine suitable for?

Double Drip salt nicotine e-liquids are expertly crafted for use with MTL (mouth-to-lung) style vape devices like:

  • Compact pod vape kits
  • Pen vape kits
  • MTL tanks
  • MTL RTA/RDA atomizers

Unlike high-powered sub-ohm vaping, MTL vaping involves taking short, mouth-to-lung puffs that mimic the draw of a cigarette. This style of vaping allows the Double Drip salts to really shine.

The faster nicotine delivery and higher nic strengths make these nic salts perfect for providing the tight throat hit and potent rush that MTL vapers crave. While the smooth 50/50 ratio generates just the right amount of vapour.

Who manufactures Double Drip nic salts?

Double Drip nic salt e-liquids are expertly crafted by leading UK vape manufacturer Vapouriz Labs.

As one of the most innovative names in the industry, Vapouriz Labs are renowned for using cutting-edge production methods and the highest quality ingredients. This results in exceptional Double Drip e-liquids that lead the market in purity, safety, potency and taste.

Vapouriz Labs' state-of-the-art cleanroom ISO 7 lab ensures all Double Drip salts undergo rigorous quality control and independent safety testing. So you can vape with peace of mind that these are high grade, premium quality e-liquids.