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The SMOK TFV Mini V2 Tank is available in 7 colours from £19.99 each.

1 Reviews
Only £19.99

Zlide By Innokin

The Innokin Zlide Tank is available in 4 colours from £19.99 each.

1 Reviews
Only £19.99

M PRO 2 By FreeMax

The FreeMax M PRO 2 Tank is available in 6 colours from £22.99 each.

2 Reviews
Only £22.99

Z Sub Ohm By GeekVape

The GeekVape Z Sub Ohm Tank is available in 6 colours from £23.95 each.

13 Reviews
Only £23.95

Prism T18E By Innokin

The Innokin Prism T18E Tank is available in 4 colours from £10.95 each.

1 Reviews
Only £10.95

The Drip By Dr Vapes

The Dr Vapes The Drip Tank is available in 1 colours from £9.95 each.

0 Reviews
Only £9.95

PnP By VooPoo

The VooPoo PnP Tank is available in 2 colours from £10.95 each.

1 Reviews
Only £10.95

TPP By VooPoo

The VooPoo TPP Tank is available in 3 colours from £14.95 each.

3 Reviews
Only £14.95

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What is a vape tank?

A vape tank is a container that holds your vaping liquid allowing it to be vapourised when power is discharged through it. A vape tank can be split into four components: the 510-connector base, the protective glass or pyrex, the coil and the drip tip. Each of these components is generally replaceable and kept watertight by using o-rings that seal each entry point. You can either fill vape tanks from the top – known as top-filling vape tanks – or from the bottom – equally known as bottom fill vape tanks. Vape tanks can be made out of numerous materials with a popular one being stainless steel. Vape tanks usually refer to the DTL or direct-to-lung method of vaping.

What does MTL and Sub Ohm mean for vape tanks?

MTL stands for mouth-to-lung whilst sub-ohm refers to the resistance of the coil being less than 1 ohm and is mostly mentioned in respect of DTL or direct-to-lung vaping. MTL and DTL merely refers to the route that the vapour takes to get to your lungs. MTL vape tanks are generally above 1 ohm in resistance and have a restrictive airflow forcing you to suck the vapour into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. As such, MTL vape tanks are the most closely related to smoking a cigarette. On the other hand, DTL or sub-ohm vape tanks have a very wide airflow that forces you to inhale the vapour directly to your lungs and are much more akin to smoking a shisha or hookah.

What is the best vape tank?

If you are new to vaping then we would recommend the UWELL Caliburn, Vaporesso XROS or the SMOK Nord vape kit as the vape tank in these devices is an all-in-one disposable but refillable pod tank. If you prefer the style and feel of modular devices but primarily want to vape higher nicotine salts then we would recommend the Innokin Coolfire Z50 vape kit that comes with the Zlide vape tank which is a perfect starter kit if you are interested in mods. Finally, if you are an advanced vaper and would like more customisation in regards to airflow and wattage, we would certainly recommend the Voopoo Drag X kit which comes with the PnP pod vape tank and allows for up to 80W in power which should be more than enough for daily use.

What's the difference between RBA, RDA, RTA, and RDTA?

RBA stands for Rebuildable Atomisers and is the parent category of these advanced vaping products. RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser. RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomiser. RDTA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser. Taking each of these in turn, RDA is used for vapers that wish to build their own coils, wick their own cotton and drip their desired e-liquids directly onto the coil without the need for a tank to hold the refill. RTA is exactly the same as RDA without the need to continually drip more e-liquids onto the coil each time you wish to vape. You still have to build your own coil and wick it with an RTA but the liquid is held in a tank that surrounds your coil build. An RDTA is merely a hybrid of both RDA and RTA giving easier access to the building deck as an RDA would but with the convenience of a tank enclosure. All of the above are advanced vaping products and should not be used by beginners.

Can I use salt nicotine vape juice on my dripper RDA?

Whilst it is not recommended, you can technically use salt nicotine vape juice on your dripper RDA. However, we would only recommend using salt nicotine at a maximum of 1mg on a dripper RDA as these are powerful devices that will deliver more nicotine per inhalation than any other vape device. Do not use high milligram refills on dripper RDAs such as 20mg or 10mg under any circumstances as this will result in the inhalation of an excessive amount of nicotine in a short time and may cause nausea, serious injury or device damage. A much better option is to use zero nicotine juices on dripper RDAs or to use low nicotine concentration freebase nicotine at a maximum of 3mg.

What are the pros and cons of an RDA vape?

When considering your next RBA, you should know that the pros of an RDA vape are the infinite customisation of your coil builds and the ability to use the device on many mod vapes that you already own due to the universal 510 connection that is shared across almost all RBAs. The cons of RDAs are that you need to drip juice on your coil and cotton prior to almost every inhale and the maintenance required to keep the RBA clean and unclogged. When it comes to RBAs, there are many more convenient options such as RTAs which give you some of the customisation of RDAs without some of the inconveniences as RTAs will hold juice within the tank wall.

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