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The Edge Pro is an innovative new vape kit, the simplest All-In-One vaping device on the market. With its rapid release coil technology and external filling port, this is one that stands out from the crowd.

Rapid Release Coil

Makes the process of changing your coils easier and faster than ever.

Rapid Re-filling

The external filling port helps you pour e-liquid with no mess.

A Revolution In Hygiene

Every new coil comes with a completely fresh built-in mouthpiece.

Adjustable Airflow

The Edge Pro tank features a simple circular airflow adjustment to control your vaping style.
Colour: Black Aluminium-Zinc Metal Alloy
Black Aluminium-Zinc Metal Alloy
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What's In The Box?

Size: 22mm × 0mm × 19mm
Battery: 1500 mAh
Weight: 96g
Wattage: 15W
PRO Coil
Type: SS316L
Resistance: 1.2 ohms
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Micro USB
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Edge Pro Vape

The new EDGE Pro Vape device is a fantastic all in one vaping kit which combines robust practicality with a gorgeous, innovative design making it the ultimate companion. The Edge Pro is a next-generation device, which is all in one construction providing effortless satisfaction with a consistent and smooth vape.

The EDGE Pro device is available on IndeJuice alongside its rapid release coil. IndeJuice offers unlimited free one-day delivery, with no minimum order on its IndePlus subscription, or on any orders over £20, to anywhere within the United Kingdom Free Delivery is avaliable on the EDGE Pro device as well as all top vape kits on IndeJuice.

About EDGE

EDGE was first established in 2016, right here in the United Kingdom. It is known as one of the biggest vaping brands in the United Kingdom. EDGE is part of the global pharmaceutical giant STADA AG. Their mission is to help people worldwide quit smoking through next-generation innovation.

EDGE is constantly innovating, which can be witnessed in the EDGE Pro features. Delivering unique, ground-breaking technology with revolutionary features and patented technology to provide you with total satisfaction from great performance devices to enhance your vaping journey.

EDGE also manufacture their own EDGE e-liquids, which you can also find on IndeJuice. High VG shortfill e-liquids are available alongside 50% VG freebase regular 10ml e-liquid.

EDGE Pro Design And Features

The EDGE Pro is labelled as the next generation of all-day vaping. The durable metal body provides a solid and sturdy device. The EDGE Pro device sits perfectly in the palm of your hand and can easily fit in your trouser pockets or handbag whilst also being reliable and stylish at the same time.

Rapid Release Coil

The EDGE Pro has a new patented coil technology. With a simple twist and pull action, the Pro coils effortlessly can be removed and replaced in record time like no other device on the market. There's now no need to remove a tank or glass chamber to replace your coils, making the maintenance process faster and can be replaced in mere seconds.

The coil in the EDGE Pro is available in just one resistance and that is 1.2 ohms, which has been designed to work seamlessly with all e-liquids. From high VG to 50/50 to even more exotic liquids but we recommend using 50/50 e-liquids to achieve the kits full potential. These coils and liquids can be purchased on IndeJuice as a pack of two or individually. Each Coil change comes with a complete fresh mouthpiece, optimising hygiene.

Easy Re-Filling

The EDGE Pro has an external filling port, which allows you to re-fill your Pro kit with e-liquid unbeatably quick with no mess.

Adjustable Airflow

The EDGE Pro device contains an adjustable airflow, which means you can control your vaping style and guarantee total satisfaction from your vaping experience. Whether you want an MTL style or a DTL style of vaping, you can achieve that from a quick adjustment to the airflow slider on the kit.

Battery Capacity

The EDGE Pro contains a 1500mAh battery, with a maximum wattage capacity of 15watts. This allows you to vape for long periods without the need to constantly charge your vape. The vape kit contains an internal battery and can be charged using a micro-USB. The combination of long battery life and fantastic power delivery is what makes this device stand out.

Consistent And Smooth Vape

The EDGE Pro all in vape kit provides customers with a full flavour and consistently smooth vape all day long. EDGE has focused on delivering a device that is easy to use and can be used with all types of e-liquids in any occasion.

The EDGE Pro kit comes in one colour (Black). It can be purchased right away on the IndeJuice store, with unlimited free one-day delivery on the IndePlus subscription, with delivery anywhere within the United Kingdom.

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