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TPP Coil by VooPoo

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The TPP Coil is one of VooPoo's many replacement coils. The TPP Coil range includes the DM1, DM2, DM3 and DM4 coils. This coil range includes Mesh coil types and is available in 0.2, 0.3 and 0.15 ohms.
  • DM1 (0.15Ω): Recommended for 60W to 80W, DTL airflow, juice up to 100VG.
  • DM2 (0.2Ω): Recommended for 40W to 60W, DTL airflow, juice up to 100VG.
  • DM3 (0.15Ω): Recommended for 80W to 100W, DTL airflow, juice up to 100VG.
  • DM4 (0.3Ω): Recommended for 32W to 40W, DTL airflow, juice up to 100VG.
Resistance: 0.15 Mesh
DM1 0.15Mesh
DM1 0.15 • Mesh
DM2 0.2 • Mesh
DM3 0.15 • Mesh
DM4 0.3 • Mesh
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9 Customer Reviews
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"Very good coil, one of the best I have ever had."
Kalpesh N. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 4th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 4th 2021
"Banging coils , great flavour and shelf life"
Ryan E. • Verified Buyer Review • Sep 9th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Sep 9th 2021
"Had some issues with the delivery. Cobtac"
Ben C. • Verified Buyer Review • Jul 10th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Jul 10th 2021
"Exactly what I expected! Super fast delivery which is always a winner"
Jonathon M. • Verified Buyer Review • May 24th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • May 24th 2021
"Great coils for both MTL and DTL vaping. Last quite a while and have a great swapping system with the PNP pods. The only downside is they sometimes leak a drop of juice when they run too hot for too long but otherwise superb coils."
Jack C. • Verified Buyer Review • May 9th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • May 9th 2021
"Original product work as expected but the delivery by Indejuice is so quick which makes buying from them so appealing"
Simon B. • Verified Buyer Review • Apr 13th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Apr 13th 2021
"Great coils lovely flavour last a while"
David L. • Verified Buyer Review • Apr 12th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Apr 12th 2021
"These might be the best coils I have used. Seem to last twice as long as any previously. Very very good."
Guthrie M. • Verified Buyer Review • Mar 13th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Mar 13th 2021
"Hard to find these coils as they are mostly out of stock everywhere, was half expecting to get a notice saying there would be a delay! Came and are so flavourful with pretty much all liquids!"
Keiren T. • Verified Buyer Review • Mar 2nd 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Mar 2nd 2021

VooPoo TPP Replacement coils - Free Delivery

The TPP coils range is part of VooPoo's extensive collection of coils. These coils originally come in a pack of 3 and can be purchased from IndeJuice stock. They are sold as a pack of 3 (Voopoo TPP coils x 3) or individually. IndeJuice's IndePlus subscription service offers free one-day shipping - with no minimum order.

Voopoo, a company based in China, is known for its excellent innovation and technology within the vape industry. They originally brought us the amazing PnP coils which were compatible with a whole heap of products. Now they have used their innovation to bring us the popular TPP coil.

Types of Voopoo TPP Coils

There are two types of TPP coils, TPP DM1 0.15 and TPP DM2 0.2 ohm, these are both mesh coils, and are intended to be used in sub-ohm tank devices.

The Voopoo TPP coils have been created with new patented technology. These great coils heat up faster, and there is a higher atomisation efficiency in tanks. It will give you a superb flavour and a much smoother vape, allowing you to produce the biggest cloud from your tanks.

The coils that come in a 3 pack are made with organic cotton fabrics. The packs of coils feature anti-leaking and anti-spinback features, which sets these coils apart from the rest.

TPP DM1 0.15ohm

The TPP DM1 mesh coil is the lowest coil resistance of the VooPoo TPP replacement coils. It is best used between 60-80 watts. Going over 80w can burn out the coil. The resistance of the DM1 is 0.15ohm.

TPP DM2 0.2 ohm

The TPP DM2 mesh coil is similar to that of the DM1, the only difference is that it must be vaped under 60 watts. The best range is 50-55watts. Vaping over 60w can reduce the shelf life of the DM2 coils. The resistance of the DM2 coil is 0.2ohm. It's important to note that the DM2 0.2ohm will create less vapour than the 0.15ohm coil.

Which VooPoo TPP replacement Coil is better?

If you are looking to vape your e-liquid at a higher wattage setting and you want maximum flavour with a huge production of vapour, then the DM1 is for you. If you want slightly less vapour then the DM2 is more suited for your needs. However, both DM1 0.15 and DM2 0.2 ohm are great coils. You can purchase both of these in a pack from the IndeJuice vape store, which also hosts a vast amount of reviews for VooPoo brand products and unlimited free one-day shipping.

Vaping Style

The Voopoo TPP coils are used for a sub-ohm vape and Direct-to-Lung style vape. They are designed to be used with high VG e-liquid (commonly at low nicotine). When the E-liquid is vaped the vapour travels directly to the lungs. This type of vape style allows for greater cloud production and a more flavour-filled vape. Vaping high VG e-liquid means that the nicotine concentration will also be lower.

Compatible kits

Voopoo TPP coils work with the following Voopoo Brands devices each providing a great flavour experience:

  • TPP Pods
  • TPP Pod Tank
  • Voopoo Drag x Plus kit
  • Voopoo Drag 3 kit
  • Voopoo Drag x plus professional edition kit
  • TPP pod 2
  • TPP pod tank

Battery Power

The range of kits mentioned above, Drag 3 device, Drag x plus Kit and the professional edition device, all accept an external battery. 18650 Batteries can be purchased from IndeJuice, alongside your TPP tank coils. The DM1 and DM2 0.2 ohm can be purchased individually or in a pack of 3. Simply just add to basket as a 3 pack or just select one and then checkout.

Voopoo TPP Pod Tank Compatibility

The TPP pod tank is compatible with the PnP pods, hence you will be able to use it with PnP coils. However, the PnP coils are not compatible with the TPP pods. The TPP pods have a magnetic connecter, which is easily popped into place before you vape.

How do you install the TPP coils?

Voopoo TPP replacement coils are very easy to install, like many other Voopoo products, the coils can just be pushed and clicked into place. Many of the kits they fit into will also carry the Voopoo Gene technology which indicates which coil has been inserted.

How long do TPP coils last?

The TPP series coils are low resistance coils (0.15 & 0.2ohm) and are used at high temperatures and wattages for sub-ohm vaping. Hence, they will not last as long as coils with higher resistances such as some of the PnP coils, with some PnP coils having resistances over 1ohm.

The life expectancy of the coils will also depend on the power settings, the type of e-liquid you use, and also the amount of time you vape for. If you prime your coil correctly then the life span of the coil for a customer should be between 4-7 days. Purchasing the TPP coils in a pack is highly recommended.

Can you extend the coil life span?

The life span of coils can be extended by priming your TPP coils correctly before you vape:

  • Make sure that you soak the cotton in e-liquid before vaping. Leave sitting for around 5-10minutes.
  • Make sure you use the correct VG/PG ratios. using a VG lower than 70% will reduce the life span.
  • Do not allow your tanks to run out of juice, which will dry out your coil.
  • Make sure you stick to the recommended brands wattage.
  • Make sure you puff a few times without firing your device to really get the e-liquid flavour soaked into the coils.

TPP coils, whether you are using the DM1 or the DM2 mesh coil, will really satisfy your cravings. The flavour you receive from vaping high VG liquids will be incomparable to any other. VooPoo's new patented technology allows the increased surface area of the coils to heat up the e-liquid much more quickly and efficiently. You will not be disappointed, whether you use it in a pod or a tank.

Shop TPP Coils Today

You can add any number of coils from the VooPoo brand alongside coils from a number of similar hardware brands. Reading customer reviews are a great way to verify you've selected the best option. For any other coils you need, be sure to search for the specific coil name in the search box above, add it to your shipping basket, sign up for a new account (over 18 years only) and checkout with free UK delivery.

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