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18650 Battery By Vapcell

The Vapcell 18650 Battery has 2500mAh and is available from just £5.95 each.

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Only £5.95

Intellicharger Charger By Nitecore

The Nitecore Intellicharger Charger supports 18650 batteries and is available from as little as £13.99 each.

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Only £13.99

Vape Batteries - UK Free Delivery

IndeJuice is the best shop to buy vape batteries, whether you're looking for a vape battery that's compatible with your current device or need an extra. We only sell authentic vape batteries in our UK online vape shop to provide the best vaping experience and all the power you require.

All orders of vape batteries at the IndeJuice online shop come with Free UK Delivery. We only deliver parcels with a fully tracked service so that you can keep an eye on your delivery from our UK warehouse to your doorstep.

Along with your favourite e-liquid, a good vape battery is one of the essential parts of your e-cig setup. Without a quality battery, you'll never get the power or vaping performance you want from your atomiser.

Since it's an essential part of your vaping experience, choosing a good quality vape battery as your power source is vital. It can be challenging to know which battery is the right fit for your device or what type of battery you need.

Here are some battery tips to make sure you shop for the correct battery to pair with your sub-ohm device and get the most out of your vape kit and e-liquid orders.

What is the best battery for Vaping?

While there are many categories of rechargeable battery options across various brands such as Sony, LG, Samsung and many others, the best battery for vaping that we would recommend is the Vapcell 18650 battery. Most vape kits that require a removable battery are designed for sub-ohm vaping and only support the 18650 battery type.

18650 batteries are the main types of batteries in electronic cigarettes and vape kits. They allow for higher discharge rates than other types of batteries without overheating or sustaining damage to the battery.

Why are e-cig batteries called 18650?

The 18650 battery has an 18mm diameter and 65mm height - hence the name.

How long do vape batteries last?

E-Cigarette batteries generally last for one full day of use. Higher power vape mods may only last for a few hours as they operate at high wattages.

The life-cycle of the 18650 cells are anywhere between 300 to 500 charging cycles.

Can I use AA instead of 18650?

No, you cannot use an AA battery instead of a 18650 in your vape mods.

The 18650 battery is typically a lithium-ion, while AA batteries are alkaline. Alkaline batteries produce significantly less power than lithium batteries, which can withstand high discharge rates for extended periods allowing you to vaporise e-liquid more effectively.

Lithium-Ion batteries also have a higher charge capacity, meaning you can recharge them more times without losing their charge.

A standard AA battery has 1.5 volts while the 18650 has 3.7 volts - this is due to the larger size of the 18650 battery, which means more voltage and a higher capacity in amps per hour (ah).

As well as being different battery sizes, alkaline batteries also have a shorter lifecycle than lithium vape batteries, meaning you need to replace them more often.

How to dispose of e-Cig Batteries

If your vape battery has reached the end of its battery life and is no longer working, it needs to be disposed of properly. You can't just throw most batteries in the trash - this would contaminate the environment and put other people at risk from toxic chemicals that may leak out of a broken vape pen.

It would be best if you disposed of your vape batteries by taking them to an authorised recycling facility for e-waste. The services at these facilities are set up specifically for disposing of old electronics or any electronic cigarette cartomisers. They will ensure that your battery is properly recycled.

Do not take vape batteries to a general household waste site as they can't be disposed of this way. You should follow the same battery safety procedure when disposing of disposable vapes as they also contain in-built batteries.

Vape Battery Chargers for External Batteries

If you require rechargeable external batteries for your e-cig, it is crucial to charge them correctly. Vape batteries can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

Firstly, you need an external battery charger that is compatible with your rechargeable mod battery. The best battery charger and manufacturer we recommend for use is the Nitecore Intellicharger i2 or i4, both available in our online shop. The i2 takes two ecig batteries, and the i4 has four battery compartments.

You will be alerted that your batteries are recharging on the LCD screen of the Nitecore Intelicharger. Once the battery is fully powered up, the dedicated charger will stop charging and notify you that your batteries have reached full charge.

If your e-cig has built-in batteries, you do not need to worry about extra batteries as you will be able to plug your vape kit directly into a USB port using the USB cable provided when it is running low.

Built-in batteries are more common for vapes that output a lower wattage and do not use low resistance replacement vape coils.

Can I use my mobile charger to charge my vape pen?

If the cable you use to charge your mobile phone has an identical connection to your e-cigarette, you can use that cable to charge your e-cig.

However, it would be best not to use the A/C power adapter that your phone comes with, as it may output much higher power than the vape pod is expecting and could result in severe injury or device damage.

If you use the same cable as your mobile charger, you should use a low power outlet or a USB on a laptop to charge your vape device. Never use a third-party charging brick capable of outputting power that exceeds the capacity of the vape device. Most e-cigs either accept micro USB or USB-C for on-device charging.

How long does a vape pen take to charge?

A vape pen or pod style e-cig usually has a small lithium-based battery and will charge within 1 hour.

If your e-cigarette has a larger battery, it will take longer to charge. However, smaller vapes are designed to work with high nicotine products, so they do not need a large battery like mods.

It can take longer if your vape pen supports pass-through charging and you continue vaping the device as it charges through the USB port.

While all batteries, including those built into e-cigs, degrade over time, the time it takes to charge the device generally stays the same over its lifecycle. You should not see a noticeable increase in the time it takes to charge your e-cigarette the more than you use it. Although, you may have to charge your e-cig more frequently the more that you use it.

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