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Mangabeys Shortfill by Twelve Monkeys

"Fruity and flavourful, with a taste that lasts after. best juice ever"

Stacey L. • Verified Buyer Review • Mar 20th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • Mar 20th 2022
Buy Twelve Monkeys Mangabeys Shortfill
Tropika Nicotine Salt by Twelve Monkeys

"Consistently good juice get a premium feeling from this product"

Rob G. • Verified Buyer Review • Mar 5th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • Mar 5th 2022
Buy Twelve Monkeys Tropika Nicotine Salt
Mangabeys Nicotine Salt by Twelve Monkeys

"Love 12 monkeys best brand I have found so far."

Rob G. • Verified Buyer Review • Mar 5th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • Mar 5th 2022
Buy Twelve Monkeys Mangabeys Nicotine Salt
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Twelve Monkeys Vape - Free Delivery

Twelve Monkeys are a premium international brand that was founded in 2014 in Canada. All Twelve Monkeys delicious e-liquid short fills and Nic Salts are available on IndeJuice, an online vape shop that offers every customer free one-day delivery with no minimum order.

What Is Twelve Monkeys Vapour?

Twelve Monkeys e-liquid is a blend of mouth-watering exotic fruit flavours that will get any vaper wanting more. They are known for using premium ingredients, which have been tested extensively to provide the best vaping experience with the best flavours.

They are known for their taste and have an abundance of reviews because of how well-assorted the ingredients are. Their flavours include watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, guava, mango and kiwi, a beautiful blend of tropical fruits.

Twelve Monkeys e-liquid focuses on high VG blends. Some are above 80 VG, which provide unbelievable flavour and a thick, dense production of clouds for sub-ohm vaping.

The Twelve Monkeys brand has produced vape juice for 50ml shortfill bottles (0mg) and vape juice for 10ml nicotine salt vape juice.

Twelve Monkeys Vapour Awards

The Twelve Monkeys vape company have become an international success story and have won many awards thanks to their exceptional e-liquids. Some of the awards between 2015-2020 include:

  • Best New Brand
  • Best Fruit
  • Best E-liquids
  • Best International Brand
  • Best Menthol

This remarkable success story is thanks to Twelve Monkeys sticking to a limited number of products and using high-quality ingredients to produce their e-liquids. However, Twelve Monkeys vapour has recently launched new ranges in both 10ml and 50ml to allow every customer to enjoy an all-day vape.

Twelve Monkeys E-liquids

Shop 50ml ShortFill

Twelve Monkeys Vapour uses complex fresh ingredients that produce beautifully smooth vape juice. The 50ml shortfill products have various numbers of VG/PG concentrations. This in itself shows the amount of research that goes into perfecting this e-juice using fresh sources.

The VG/PG ratios are high in VG, some greater than 80 VG, which is ideal for sub-ohm vaping and comes in 50ml bottles. The various number of ratios you will see are:

  • 70/30
  • 75/25
  • 65/35
  • 90/10

Any e-liquid concentration above 70 or 80 VG will be for the sub-ohm vaper who wants that thick cloud production and maximum flavour.

These 50ml shortfill bottles come in 0mg nicotine strength e-liquid. Nicotine shots come free with your purchase on IndeJuice if you want to achieve 1.5mg or 3 mg nicotine strength. Additional shots can be purchased on the IndeJuice site, with free one-day delivery on no minimum order.

The price of a 50ml shortfill (any flavour) is £12.00 on the IndeJuice site, with an RRP price of £14.99.

Shop 10ml Nic Salts

Twelve Monkeys have had great success with the 50ml shortfill range. However, many vape juice customers now want Nicotine Salt due to a smooth vape at higher nicotine concentrations, ideal for quitting tobacco cigarettes. Twelve Monkeys, of course, perfected the 10ml bottles.

The 10ml Nicotine salt has a VG/PG ratio of 50/50. This is ideal for vaping with pod devices and vape pens. The flavour is carried by the PG, providing unique blends of flavour.

The 10ml 12 monkeys Nic salt come in two different types of nicotine strength: 10mg and 20mg. These nicotine salt strengths make them a great substitute for those trying to quit tobacco cigarettes.

The Difference Between Shortfills & Nic Salts

High VG Shortfill

The 50ml short fills are all high in VG. This is ideal for sub-ohm vaping and great for anyone who wants to vape and produces large dense clouds.

The flavours will be out of this world; apple cranberry will never taste so good. These shortfill e-liquids will work great in high wattage devices and low resistance coils.

10ml Nicotine Salt

A Nic Salt comes in a 10ml bottle. These are mainly for people who want to get off tobacco cigarettes and be able to vape delicious liquid and still get that hit to satisfy their cravings.

The flavour of 50/50 may become compromised, compared to the shortfill flavour, but not by much. Your apple cranberry or mixed berries will still taste delicious.

There will be less vapour production in a 50/50 e-liquid.

Twelve Monkeys Flavours

Twelve Monkeys do things a little differently from any other brand. Their flavours are a fabulous mix of a number of tropical fruit, an exotic mixture of anything you may be able to find in a jungle or the wild.

Their vape juice product names are most notably associated with different species of the rainforest and the wild, predominantly names of various monkey species. That includes Mangabeys, a species of long-limbed monkeys that are found in African tropical forests. Another is Kanzi, a male Bonobo that has been the subject of several studies on the ape language.

The names of the Twelve Monkeys eliquid products are:

  • Mangabeys - This 50ml shortfill vape is a fresh blend of pineapple, guava, mango and is accented by a myriad of Caribbean fruits.
  • Tropika - Tropika epitomises the word tropical fruits. It consists of lychee, passionfruit and lychee. Anything tropical goes.
  • Kanzi - A tropical fruits fusion, the Kanzi range will blow your mind. It consists of watermelon, kiwi, and strawberry.
  • Matata - Matata is a beautiful blend of grapes and a ripe apple. Experience bold grapes on the inhale and a subtle note of sweet apple on the exhale.
  • Hakuna - This is a mix of apple cranberry. It's the ripest of apple alongside a light cranberry finish.
  • Harambae - A 50ml shortfill vape juice features a tangy citrus unison of grapefruit, lemon, lime, blood orange and refreshing guava undertones.
  • Queen Soko - This incredibly fresh blend of carefully handpicked strawberry fruits mixed with subtle melodic tones of tropical lemon citrus will have you wanting more.
  • Bonogurt - A 50ml shortfill with a beautiful blend of mixed berries and yoghurt. Great for an all-day vape.
  • Circle of Life - This shortfill will tantalise your taste buds with a mixture of fruits and pear.
  • Macaraz - A shortfill with a beautiful concoction of raspberry and almond.
  • Congo Cream - This shortfill range takes two types of vanilla mixed with strawberry.
  • Jungle Secrets - A gorgeous shortfill vape; enjoy a blend of tropical fruit, sweet mango and lychee.


How Much is 12 Monkeys E-liquid?

Price of Shortfills

The RRP price of the shortfill is £14.99. However, IndeJuice has knocked off 20%, and you can purchase this Canadian beauty for £12.

Price of Nic Salts

The 10mls are sold individually for £4.99. However, you can purchase 3 for £11.99. These can be mixed and matched as you please.

IndeJuice offers free one-day delivery anywhere in the UK on all vape liquid, with absolutely no minimum order.

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